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Periods - post treatment


Re: Periods - post treatment

Hi Naz - lovely to hear from you again & thank you for your support as always and for sharing your experience.


When I had my first period - I rang the breast care nurse who said it was my body returning back to normal after all the treatment. I seemed happy enough with the answer & am still fairly happy with it now.


However - my sister is an Oncologist and I recently spoke to her. She got into a bit of a tiz about me having periods post treatment & mentioned that the local policy at the hospital where she works was to consider period surpression (if that's the right phrase! ). She was worried that I still had oestrogen floating around my body which might cause a reoccurrence. 


Obviously - I will need to speak to my own oncologist and breast care nurses again for further clarification. But so far,  everything is fine. Not had a period for 6 months........which I'm not overly bothered about.


I just didn't know if ladies who had periods post treatment had to go down the route of period surpression. 


Like you - I'm pretty sure I don't want to go down the avenue of having my ovaries out!  God knows we've all been through enough without more medical procedures on the horizon! !


Thanks again for your support 






Re: Periods - post treatment

Hi Pod. 

I was the same as you, in that my periods stopped during treatment, but then suddenly reappeared some months later whilst on tamoxifen. They took a while to steady, but after about a year to 18 months, they did regulate. My oncologist was a bit surprised my periods had returned following chemotherapy and hormone therapy and there was talk at one time of ovary removal ( too which I bluntly said no!). 


My tumour was also oestrogen positive, but so far, six years down the line, so good. 


My periods now at the age of 45 are short and regular (ish) but that could all change as I head towards the menopause! 


Im not too worried right now.. just wanted to share my experience with you. 


Take good care 

Naz X


Periods - post treatment

Hi all to you lovely ladies out there


I just wanted to pick your brains about periods - post treatment. I finished treatment for breast cancer in May 2014. My tumour was a hormone based one (which has some significance in this query).


When I completed treatment, my periods stopped (and I am now taking Tamoxifen). But then quite randomly - my periods started coming back a year later in Feb 2015. There was no set pattern to them, just every couple of months and in short - between Feb 2015 and Jan 2016 - I have had 6 periods. I've not had a period since January this year. So its gone all random again on me !


I am now 42 years of age - so heading towards 'the change' - if I've not already gone through it !! But my question is - is it normal for periods to come back after treatment or are people generally advised to have their periods surpressed if they do come back, particularly if the original tumour was hormone based ? Does it mean there is oestragen still floating around my body ? I will obviously have to speak to my Oncologist, but am just a bit worried, that if it;s hormones that caused the cancer in the first place, will it come back, if I've had random periods up to now ?


Whats everyone elses experience ?


Many thanks