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Re: Pip yes yes yes

This is meant to be in the chat below!

Pip yes yes yes

Hi Kate 21 and Bone. Thank you for your replies. I slept without waking in the night and tossing and turning. I didn't appreciate how drained I was.

I will wait for the result and then see my MP. I have seen him before when Kadcyla was only on the drugs fund list and not available on the NHS. He is of a different political viewpoint to my own. He voted to keep the tampon tax!!!!. So I don't think he will have much sympathy as his party have introduced all this.

I should also say, when I wrote the comment about how I put my knickers on, I wasn't specifically asked this by anyone or to demonstrate this it was more for my own dramatic effect.

Have a lovely weekend both of you. It is just a question of waiting. I am mulling my actual response over regardless of my outcome.

All the best!