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Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

It's a small point, but RevCat's link seems to work better than the one posted at the front of the forum - it shows more recent posts.  So I am using that and my usage will not show up in the trial.  


If others are doing the same, then the trial will be flawed.  I think this is exactly the problem - the level of moaning about latest posts was never about it's existence, but just the way it worked.  We all like it so much that we use it all the time and then we moan about how it doesn't work quite right.  There wouldn't be many complaints if it were an irrelevance that we didn't use or care about.


Keep tweaking BCC.  Better to have people complaining than not bothering. 


Smiley Wink

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Thanks Revcat


I will pass this onto the tecnical team, and thanks for the blueberry muffins, they sound wonderful. I love blueberries.



Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Like others I now have this bookmarked and am using it as my main 'way in' for browsing.  Thank you for the trial, which seems a really good way to gauge use of this facility.


I just wonder, if it is made permanent, if it might be possible to tweak the underlying software so that it it only shows one entry per thread (as was the case on the last two versions of the forum) otherwise busy threads can still obscure the overall result and lead to things getting missed.


Just baked some blueberry muffins, so dropping a few virtual ones outside the door to the techies cupboard and the mods desk Cat Wink



Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Love having latest posts backSmiley Happy, really missed them, have bookmarked and now use all the time, thank you techies, hopefully will be permanent xx

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Yes, thanks very much for the prompt solution. It makes all the difference!

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

BCC you are a star!! , Thank You,  I hope everyone will spot your comments  about trialing the Latest Post's , like RevCat says we probably can only get a true reflection of usage , if everyone knows that they are back on the Forums.

A separate Box alongside all the others would be great .

xx  Woman Happy


Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

RevCat - you are a genius.  I have now copied your link into my browser, so now I can bypass everything and just look at the most recent posts.  



Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I agree that latest posts needs to be much more obvious. It's the first place I used to look on the old forum, and it was easy to find the "newbies" who needed our help and reassurance. I too find that I'm posting much less often now, whatever happened to 'if it ain't broke'.

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Thanks - the latest posts link is very helpful but it needs to be made much more obvious.

Perhaps in a  BIG (don't mean to shout!), colourful button on the front page of the forum. The link in "featured threads" is far to easy to miss and as already pointed out, if people don't see it they can't use it and so the BCC mods will have no idea how valuable we find it.

Please rectify ASAP, as I too have no wish to join Facebook!!

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Hi, I think Smiley Embarassed I understand the new Latest posts thread but will it be pasted in all the boxes?

Thanks anyway I think it's helpful.

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Thank you Anna (and Helen) I just looked at it and it looks great.


Jjust one quick query, how often doe sit refresh as the most recnet post listed is from 02:34 this morning (about bone and tooth pain).  At least it is on Firefox 23 with Windows 7!  Ah - just double chekced - I think the link should be  http://forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/forums/recentpostspage/ (i.e without the /thread) as this is properly up-to-date


My only real query is, how many people will spot Helen's post and go and check it out?   It could be a self-fulfilling prophecy that people don't want it  if they dn;t know it's available.  Is there any way of making it a bit more visible on the front page?

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Thanks for your response, Anna. 🙂


900 participants!  And how many different users have posted on the new forum since it was launched? 

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Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Brilliant, thank you so much Anna!

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Dear All


We have been following all the feedback comments regarding the new forum and are collecting all the various points of view both post and pre launch.  The research into the new forum started back in November 2012 with over 900 different people participating through various ways including, online survey, telephone interviews, face to face testing and the last stage of online testing. 


This is an extract from the online survey results document which had over 900 particpants


Similarities in user frustrations across different types of

breast cancer

Across type of cancer, users find the following aspects of the

forum most frustrating:

- Keeping track of discussions;

- Navigating through the latest posts;

- Finding a particular thread;

- Finding the right topic.



We will be reviewing all the feedback to the forum and looking at any changes that need to be made whilst also taking into consideration cost implications for redesign, technical development and testing.  In the meantime, a trial is suggested of a separate URL link to the latest activity per thread.




We will add this to the featured threads on the front page and monitor feedback and usage.


The development of the new forum has not been undertaken lightly and with input and feedback from hundreds of different users.  We are listening to and hearing all that is being said both on line and from privately shared feedback.  We are committed to providing the best service we are able.


Best wishes


Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I absolutely agree with all that has been said. Not having Latest Posts is a huge loss.

I too check in much less often.

For those that are Newbies , It is such pity to lose  some of the very knowledgeable   people, whose help was invaluable for me when I was first dx.     

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Well done KittieKat! 🙂 Search link now added to my Favourites (I do not use any bookmarking or subscribing that are offered in this Forum)

BCC should employ you! Cat Tongue (I couldn't find an emoticon for "LOL" )


All you need to do now, BCC, is be honest with us and tell us what % of the Forum testers asked for Latest Posts to be removed.  Some honesty here would be appreciated by those of us who have chosen to remain.

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

KIttieKat you are a genius! Trouble is, hardly anyone will see this post unless they happen to look in this section!

Can I add my name to list of people wanting Latest Posts back. I've posted a couple of times recently asking for help/adviceusually I'm inundated by helpful replies but not any more. The forum really does seem to have lost. Its heart 😞
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Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Until Latest posts gets sorted, I have found a solution that works for me.

Click on the link below, it is a customised search that shows latest posts, ignore the Advanced search options (or hide them by clicking on the little minus - box to the right) and scroll down to the posts.


If it looks like what you need then save the  link to your favourites...




I think as it is a search it should be dynamic (meaning that each time you click on it you will see the latest posts, and not a "snapshot" as they were when I posted the link).  There does seem to be a lapse before the very latest posts show, but I supposed this is because posts don't get indexed straight away.


Spread the word!



Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I still don't understand why they were taken away. Nobody on here ever said they didn't want them.Smiley Frustrated

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I am another one weaning myself off. It is just too much trouble having to look at all the individual sections.

It is disappointing that this has already been raised many times on different threads and there has not been any acknowledgement of the problems from BCC, or any commitment to fix it.

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Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Out of interest, are there figures available for average number of replies per week for the new forum, vs historical figures for replies on the old one?  If not there must be "traffic" stats?


I wonder how many others are weaning themselves off the forum now that it is so much more difficult to scan through the posts?

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I agre with you ladies - scrolling through the latest posts one often came across a comment that perhaps didn't quite 'fit' into the the catogeries one would normally look at but was interesting/useful or more importantly one that required a quick  reply.  The new set up is just to much faffing around - I will still pop in occassionally but thats all.  Good luck those of you who are leaving for good it has been an honour knowing you. 


Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Thank you all for your comments, I have passed these on to our managers.


Best wishes,

Jo, Moderator

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I'm staying here but using it much less. Latest posts was what made it for me too.

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Belinda and Cornishgirl, I will be very sorry to see you go.  Both of you have posted many times with support and advice for those of use with mets, especially for those recently diagnosed with the "double whammy" or a recurrence.


Yes, Facebook exists, but there is no way that I will EVER use Facebook or any social networking site.  I'm staying with the BCC forums for as long as I can use a computer.


BCC .... especially those who are PAID to be supporting those of us with metastatic/secondary breast cancer - for you it's just a job, which you can leave if you wish:  for us, metastatic secondary breast cancer IS FOR LIFE.  I hope someone will take notice of this thread and DO SOMETHING about it.

Re: Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

Hi L, Smiley Happy yes I agree with you. It seems a good time for me to leave too. Being stage 4 I didn't want to still be posting here when I'm really poorly so it's nice to leave now. A large number of secondary members have moved away and are now part of a facebook group. I've never wanted to join Facebook but thankfully I know it's there if ever I change my mind.

I agree with you about the community spirit being lost. We are now stuck in seperate little boxes but, just  like life, posts often apply or stray into more than one box at a time. The place to pick up such posts was latest posts. 

When it worked as it should you could scroll down all the posts for the day in a couple of minutes .

But unless you are prepared to spend lots more time here visiting all the other boxes you're very restricted.

Before the website changes I'd picked up about your ongoing treatment L, I hope all goes well for you. Take Care..x

Please Bring Back The Latest Posts!

I don't know about other people but I am finding that I'm using the BCC forums less and less since the new forum was launched  , ( that's probably not a bad thing) through I'm still going through treatments, and have just had  further surgery  on Monday, If I'm honest I just can't be bothered to trawl through every category trying to search out all the different latest posts which use to be very easy to find.  Its just too much like hard work, and for me personally I  feel the community spirit as it was has  gone, I don't think I've even seen any posts from previous forum members I've come to know over the yrs, as I really don't want to go searching through every category so really don't know anymore how everyone is doing,,I keep up with  a lot of  people on facebook ,or privately  which means I can keep in touch with some members , but  facebook is  really not the same .

For me Its just not the same anymore (sorry) but  probably its a  good  time for me to move on anyway .  

xxWoman Sad