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Port fitted to clavicle


Re: Port fitted to clavicle

Hi Bob,

I had a port inserted on left hand side, after veins in left arm disappeared after 5th chemo, lymph nodes removal on right meant right arm couldn't be used, and getting bloods and drug access became traumatic for me. I wish I'd had it done earlier- it didn't show under the skin, although there is a 3cm scar where it was put in. I can't comment on possible problems re breast size ( not an issue for me!), though I was unlucky and did suffer a pneumothorax ( please forgive spelling) which I had been told was a small risk. I was in hospital for a couple of nights while the lung reflated, but was able to have my final chemo 3 days later. The remaining 14 cycles of Herceptin were an absolute doddle- worth making sure you get the local anaesthetic cream and put that on 30 mins before access is required. You honestly won't feel a thing! I had it removed under local after my treatment was over and everytime my GP asks for blood tests, I wish I still had it!
Good luck.

Re: Port fitted to clavicle

Hi bob11May2015


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Port fitted to clavicle

Has anyone had a port fitted for easier access to veins? I have been told that it may be problematic and kink due to being large breasted(on that side), but want to go ahead as I like the idea that they don't have to look for veins every time.  I have grade 2 stage 1 and post surgery of lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes am on Herceptin carboplain and docetaxel every 3 weeks.  Just recovering from first chemo but didn't have docetaxel first time as liver function tests are irregular.  Any way, port fitted anyone got any experience?  My user name is Bob because one of my friends said I reminded him of Bob, the woman disguised as a soldier who was obviously a woman on Black Adder.  Made me laugh.  Thanks for comments.  I'm new to this.  I was diagnosed 19 May this year, so it's all been a bit if a whirlwind.