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Portacath failed so have Hickman Lines HELP1


Re: Portacath failed so have Hickman Lines HELP1

Oh Debs, so sorry you're having these problems, sounds horrendous. I didn't realise you were feeling quite so awful at the meet, I'm sorry. I don't really know what to say, just hope it can be sorted out quickly for you.

Lesley xxx


Portacath failed so have Hickman Lines HELP1

To say I am a little bit fed up would be massively under playing it.
Went to have 'ant and dec' cleaned as it is my week off. The nurse tried to get the hepsal? out and blood poured out of the line entry. She told the other nurse to get a Dr straight away. Poor Ian had just parked the car and walked in just as blood was gushing out and running down my cleavage! The stitches weren't taken out last week as there was a bit of blood released after I had the dressing cleaned. I have been feeling funny all week and nearly fainted twice at the Bristol meet.
Had to go to radiography and get it checked. Dr said 'see you soon' so I knew I would be going back. When I returned to clinic poor Dr didn't know how to brake it to me. I have a kink in the line, a bit like when you are watering the garden and the hose goes off and you have to twist it. Then it splashes out all over the place. Erm..
Has any one else had these problems.

Love Debsxxx