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Post radiotherapy excercise


Re: Post radiotherapy excercise

Hi I was never told to do any excerise after my ops or after radiotherapy so I was quite suprised to hear anything about doing them. Oh well no real harm done, I've started doing them now I've noticed by chest is a bit tight.


Thanks for the reply

Re: Post radiotherapy excercise

Hi Jan,
Good question - I thought we were supposed to carry on doing the stretches from op during and after radio? Are there others? I have noticed that if I don't stretch for a day or 2 it gets a bit tight.

Post radiotherapy excercise



Was anyone told to do some post radiotherapy excercises to the chest area?  I noticed recently that my chest was aching and felt like I had been doing some heavy excercises which was a suprise as i finished radiotherapy at the beginning of october, only today I got something on my Facebook feed which was a video showing how to do post radiotherapy excercise to avoid the sensations I have having.


None of the radiographers mentioned doing anything after so I was wondering if anyone else had.