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Post surgery pain x


Re: Post surgery pain x

Thanks for replying Jillybee! Smiley Happy

I guess I need some patience! I'm taking a mix of paracetamol, ibuprofen and tramadol at night.

They hurt/ache pretty well all the time - but it's tolerable pain.

Apart from when I get the really sharp/stabbing/ nerve type pains - they take my breath away!

I was hoping for my path results yesterday but they didn't ring me so will probably get some more info on Monday when I go for my dressings to be changed.

Thanks again! xjenx


Re: Post surgery pain x

Very early days,however,we are all different.May take some weeks,but take Paracetomol regularly.Don't wait for the pan and discomfort.

Post surgery pain x

Hi All Smiley Happy x


I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on the 17th Novemeber.


I had a dermal sling with implants.


I'm still in quite a lot of pain & discomfort - anyone else had this type of surgery who could advise me on how long it took for everything to settle down??


Many many thanks!!!

Jen xxx