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Prescription Charges

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Re: Prescription Charges

Hi Starfish - I found the Pre-Payment certificate useful, too, especially as I am also on Ibandrondic acid + calcium with vit. D which have to be taken together to work, but are charged as two separate medecines!

It's also useful if you need any other one-off prescriptions, such as painkillers or anti-biotics. If you have already paid a flat charge up front anyway, it makes financial sense to ask your GP for a prescription for almost anything else that you need (even if you can buy it over-the-counter). I went for two years without having to buy any paracetamol!


Re: Prescription Charges

this is a real can of worms. Have a look at the thread 'what drugs are you on'. I am on a trial so all my drugs are free, but a friend at the same unit has to pay for each one of hers. Some health authorities do not charge at all. I had 8 prescriptions so was very glad not to pay


Prescription Charges

Some will probably already realise but thought I would just mention it. If you are under 60, like me, it will be cheaper to buy a Pre Payment certificate for all the pills needed. I have already spent over £30 in the last three weeks. As much as I previously spent in about 10 years.

As I have been told I will be starting tamoxifen shortly as well as chemo it will work out much cheaper.

I have just bought mine on line.

Cancer is not classed as a chronic condition apparently and therefore apparently not eligible for free prescriptions.