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Private group on mobile


Re: Private group on mobile

Great! So important to be able to access our groups especially when we don't have a computer available such as in hospital (where mobiles are allowed) and chemo suites!

Re: Private group on mobile

Anna, just a short thank you note. Couldn't access the private group on my mobile before, but now I can! Smiley Very Happy


Many thanks to "the back room staff".


Hugs. Barton.x

Private group on mobile

Hi everyone


We have been aware that it has not been easy to access the private group from mobile devices.  I am very happy to say that we have now resolved this issue.


When you next log in on your tablet or phone you will see that there are 3 tabs, the pink home page tab, an orange Forum tab and a pink Groups tab.  By clicking on the pink Groups tab you will be able to select the Secondary private group and continue your discussions and connections where ever you happen to be.


please do let us know if you experience any issues, moderator@breastcancercare.org.uk  


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer