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Re: Question?

I already had emphysema when i was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2008,it was grade 3 invasive ductual,i had a lumpectomy and lymph glands removed(left side) clear margins no spread to glands,i had 5 chemotherapys followed by 15 radiotherapy sessions,each time i had chemo,i ended up hospitalised,1st time for 3 night water infection,2nd pneumonia 13 nights,3rd pneumonia 3 nights,4th only one i didnt end up in hospital,5th pneumonia again 13 nights again,my oncologist wouldnt let me have my 6th chemotherapy,finished radiotherapy this March,july this year hospitalised again. you guessed pneumonia again,I am now on oxygen 15 hours per day,and use a mobility scooter to get around,iwas warned chemo might damage my lungs further,but what choice did i have? And in answer to your question,in my experience each time i have had pneumonia,i have had a raging temperature,and needed supplementry oxygen 24/7 ,hope this helps,and hope you are feling a lot better now take care x


Has anyone any experience of pneumonia? I had CT which showed both lungs affected. The consultant said with lungs this bad, most people are hospitalised. I am very short of breath when I do anything vaguely energetic and have a long standing chesty cough but appart from that I feel quite well. The doc said there could be an underlying disorder and has done lots of tests. I had high grade DCIS almost 6 years ago and I guess I am worried that this could be connected. I just don't understand, when my lungs are so badly affected why do I feel ok?