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Questions to ask oncologist


Re: Questions to ask oncologist

Hi abi I'm glad to read the FeC was so successful for you. It's strange I only messaged you yesterday on your original thread to see how you were getting on. I'm hoping to have 3rd FeC this week as last weeks was postponed as I was unwell and now another sore throat this morning but fingers crossed il be ok for Thursday. Hope it works as well for me xx

Re: Questions to ask oncologist

Hi Dawn,

Unfortunately it does sound as if we are in a similar boat. Sorry to hear about your husband but I am sure your children are a great support. Sounds like you have had a rough time of it. 

Just back from oncologist. Saw my last two scans and this has been quite reassuring, tumours are tiny! As I'm triple negative there aren't any drug therapies for me so I am treatment free for now, just going onto 3 monthly check ups. He assured me that there was no evidence that in my situation surgery would prolong life and as I would really rather not have an op I am happy with this. Unfortunately didn't read your post before the meeting but hubby was there and he tends to have better recall than me, so he sort of after as a recording device!

Just going to get on with life as if I didn't have this disease, I have no symptoms for now so can push to the back of my mind most of the time....until something is said by one if the kids about the future, something is on the telly/paper etc and it hits you like a punch to the guts.

Hooe things seem a bit more positive for you now at the end of chemo, Abi

Re: Questions to ask oncologist

Hi Abi

Reading your post, this is the same as me. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer Stage 3, Waited 13 weeks for a mammogram after my first appointment because cancer specialist said it wasn't cancer just inflammation.

I have secondary in the lungs now ,which they say are very small. My cancer in the breast was first measured as 45mm and has shrunk considerably ,i'm just waiting for a Pet Scan to see how its going. Just finished my last Fec-t last week had 6. I am 48 with 4 grown up children, Well my youngest, my daughter is 20. I have 5 grandchildren. I consider myself lucky i can spend some guality time with them. But this last chemo really knocked me for six. I split from my husband of 30 years back in April 2014,so had a tough 6 months. 

Getting back to your question, i never no what to ask the Oncologist specially after a scan or test. I wasn't expecting to be told my cancer had spread,i just thought i'm strong i have a great support network from friends and family i beat this. I feel not so sure now. But i'm sure we will all have doubts and bad and good days. 

Like you i am determined to stay around as long as possible. I think we just need to talk out and fight our corner, don't be fobbed off by anyone make sure they offer you more treatment and ask the side affects. If they will let you ask to record the meeting. This helps you go back over what they have said as you cant take it all in at once. Good LUCK X And keep fighting.  Dawn  xx

Re: Questions to ask oncologist

Thankyou both for replying. I have seen recent posts re surgery to primary and there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer will definitely quiz onc as to why it is not right for me, will also make sure he books me for another scan. Think I also need to find out where these lung tumours are, scattered across lungs/clumped together as I guess this will make a difference as to whether radiotherapy is offered?

I am getting a bit uptight about this next appointment, not sure why as there won't be any test results to discuss, maybe because now I've finished chemo and feel really well I can almost put my diagnosis to the back of my mind and just enjoy my life.

Thanks again for replying, really kind.


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Re: Questions to ask oncologist


As bumpkin has said I would request a scan of some sort to see how the origianl lump and in the lungs had responded to the whole course of FEC, this would then be the baseline to work from to see when other treatments are needed.  Then establish how often these scans would take place.  I am not TN but there a re some ladies on here who are so it may be worth adding another post specifically asking them the same question, ie put TN in the title?  As to the original lump you can insist on surgery but it would be worth listening to what your oncologists view on this is.  Several ladies on the secondary part of the forum have had these discussuions recently but I'm sorry I can't remember what thread it was on.  Sorry I can't be of more help and I hope you get some others to reply as well.

Nicky x

Re: Questions to ask oncologist

Hi Abi
It is great that your tumours have shrunk. If they are still there, however, you will need more treatment.
I would want a PET CT scan if I was you to get a clear picture of what is still there. Is radiotherapy an option for you? If yes, great. If not, further chemo? Triple negative does not benefit from hormone therapy, and many of us with tumours that are still in situ move onto another chemo with regular scans to ensure it is working. I think I would also want a breast lump removed if it was still there, so would ask why surgery is not being considered. You may also want to ask if you should be tested for the BRCA genes. Is there any history of breast cancer in your family? So, some to start you off and I'm sure others will add some. All the best for your meeting, Bumpkin

Questions to ask oncologist


Diagnosed with primary in May this year, secondary in lungs in June. Finished 6 cycles of FEC 6 weeks ago, had a scan midway that showed tumours in lungs shrunk from 6mm to 2mm which onc said was a really good result, haven't had a scan since. Did ask how many tumours I had but he said they hadn't counted (guess this means there are quite a few!!). Lump in breast was 5cm but chemo seems to have blasted it as can no longer feel it, was told early on that unlikely to have surgery. Seeing the oncologist next week to discuss what happens next. I am triple negative. I wondered if anyone had any advice as to the questions to ask next week, determined to write my questions down and be a bit more organised. I'm 44 with two young children so determined to stay around for as long as possible!

Advice welcome, Abi x