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RE: Bald Stories


Re: RE: Bald Stories

How lovely, what a very special granddaughter you have Kahren.

Kath xx
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Re: RE: Bald Stories

My autistic grandaughter ran up, stroked my head and told me I had a "sensual head". When you feel as low as I did at that point, this was great!

Re: RE: Bald Stories

Just found this thread, I have an amusing 'bald' story. I was recently in hospital on the oncology ward where I had been 'seen' by various staff members without head covering and patently bald. On the day I went home, I put my hat on and was sat in a wheelchair waiting to be taken to my daughter's car. A nurse - who had seen me without hat - popped her head round the door to my room and said "sorry to bother you Kath, but you don't have any hair conditioner on you do you?" I turned round and said "you are joking, aren't you?" She wasn't but had just 'forgotten' my state of baldness and apologised profusely. I was in hysterics laughing.

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RE: Bald Stories

Dear troubled breast companions,

I thought I'd like to share this with you.
After having "indulged" myself on Letrozole, I have started to notice that my hair was thinning. I am very attached to my hair and, I fond and find very distressing all this unwanted body images changes so, Last Friday, I borrowed a hair clipper and decided to have it all off. Previously to the shorn, I talked to some work colleagues about it just to check how it would be received. Well, the thing is that I did it myself and to myself!!. I was expecting that people would ask me about "what has happened to you?", "what have you done to your hair?" and all that so, Sunday evening, with the help of one of my housemates, I made up some very politically incorrect stories, (hope nobody gets offended), here they go:

Bald stories number 1:
This is a sponshor hair cut for a black homosexual football team from ..... I contacted them and they send me an envelope to post my hair to them. I recorded the hair shaving because they are going to make a giant week with all the hair received and also a short film with the recordings of people shaving their heads.
Actually, I told this one to one of my workmates, encouraging her to bring me her hair in an envelope so I could post it to them.

Bald stories number 2:
I am a devoted edited and particulary devoted to the image of JC of my town parish. This image is a beautiful example of the Spanish Baroque Imagery religious iconography, and had a beautiful wig made of natural hair. The parish suffer a terrible fire and the image got miraculously saved by the priest but, his wig got very dammage. The priest made a request for hair donation by virgin women, they calculated they needed at least one million of virgins to get a decent wig and I have donated my hair.

Bald stories number 3:
I am a soldier and I've been send on a mission to a place infected with flees.

Bald stories number 4:
My cat was chewing my hair and I had to save it.

Bald stories number 5:
I am on a commercial about an anti-shampoo.

Well here are the stories, although I have to say that just two people have asked about my hair. I have spent a whole evening making up this stories carefully for just two people!!!! I was wondering if any of you have a similar kind of dry sense of humour.
Looking forward to hearing yours