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RE: Freaking out GP letter following blood test


Re: RE: Freaking out GP letter following blood test

Hi monts, i know that if I say try not to worry, it is easier said than done. If it was critical you would have received a phone call; so it could be that you have something as common as anemia. I know our brains seem to be configure to fear the worst. You could phone the surgery prior to your appointment to ask to be given the results over the phone, it will give you an idea of what it is about. Good luck.


Re: RE: Freaking out GP letter following blood test

Hi monts
I am sorry you have this worry, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over as lines are open tomorrow 10-2 and during the week 9-5 on 0808 800 6000
Take care
Lucy BCC


RE: Freaking out GP letter following blood test

Dear all,


I am freaking out. I just got home and I found a letter from my GP’s surgery, asking me to make an appointment following my blood test results. The letter is dated on the 7th of January and I think I had the blood test done on the previous day.


I am really scared. I have had other test done, requested by my GP, (bone scans, MRI and other blood test), and I have never gotten a letter or any form of communication requesting me to book and appointment.


The blood test was to check the lever function, the level of calcium on the blood and cholesterol levels. I am just shaking! For sure is something abnormal in there other wise they wouldn’t have bothered to contact me.


The reason why the GP requested the blood test was after I visited the surgery a few months ago, complaining about a problem with my leg that seemed to be swollen and a bit numbed. The GP them requested an MRI scan of the lumbar area and a blood test, ( I did not have done because I am terrified of needles). The MRI did not show anything suspicious and, now, when I finally gathered the “courage” to have the blood test bang!!!!


Right now, I don’t know what to do. Surgery is closed tomorrow, the only available appointments will be for next week, and … I am just to familiar with this nauseating feeling of waiting and suspecting.


I will really appreciate some support right now


A very scary person