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RE: Looking for a new hospital


Re: RE: Looking for a new hospital

Sorry its a couple of weeks since you posted. I have recently had a lumpectomy and sentinel node sampling at UCH. I am pretty impressed. I have seen 2 consultants and a registrar. All have been efficient, approachable, and reassuring. Also very charming. My BCN has also reacted reasonably fast when I have left messages for her and is helpful.I have nearly always been seen on time or very close to it.

My only long wait was with the radiotherapy department this week but there were profuse apologies. In previous years I have been to other departments at UCH. In some there have been long waits for routine checks but I have no complaints about the treatment.

Good luck Val


Re: RE: Looking for a new hospital

I dont know how far you want to travel, but I get treated at the Bristol Oncology Centre, and I dont think I would have had better treatment if I'd gone private.
Sometimes you do have to wait a long time to be seen on clinic days, but when you get in, you're given all the time you need.
I know there are people who will totally disagree with me about the centre, but I personally cant fault it.


Re: RE: Looking for a new hospital

You are not the first person to report on the standard of care - it varies everywhere really.

I hear The Royal Free and Charing Cross are both good.

I hope things improve for you.


RE: Looking for a new hospital

Dear ladies,

I'm looking for a new hospital to have my follow ups and maybe treatment. After experiencing a horrible standard of care at Royal Marsden, (RE: Royal Marsden Excellent Care?), my GP has recommended me the Breast Cancer Unit at UCLH but, I am not sure, I've been there a couple of times and I was satisfied with the way I was treated at Breast Cancer Unit and also with the consultants but, for other treatments I find the hospital not very good. Could you pls tell me about your experiences and if you have any suggestions they will be more than welcome.