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Radiologist knowledge


Re: Radiologist knowledge

Thank you keeks so much for your comforting words, I really hope you're doing well,I am hoping the wine helps tonight,may just need 1 more glass!
I Will post my results tomorrow I hope I sleep better than last night lots of dreams of burglars breaking in and waking not sure if it was a dream or not,symbolic no doubt! Xx

Re: Radiologist knowledge

Hi Shelsy.


the radiologist knew mine was cancer during the biopsy. Then the nurse told me there and then 'it seems like a cancer' 


they can't be absolutely sure until they get the results but everyone working in the clinic knows our terror and will try and tell you one way or another if they have any idea they will let you know.


lets hope tonight passes quickly.  By tomorrow you will know.


take care and enjoy the wine.





Radiologist knowledge

Hi everyone I had a core biopsy last week after my first mammogram at 50 and get the results on Tues am going from panicking to a strange calmness but am wondering about the radiologists comments during the procedure he was reassuring and said it didn't look like cancer and lymph nodes were ok and it was likely to be a fibroadenoma that I've had since my teenage years I don't have any other symptoms but I'm obviously still concerned and am wondering how much can they tell from the ultrasound and surely he wouldn't be reassuring me if it looked suspicious, that would be cruel wouldn't it?