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Radiotherapy after mastectomy


Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy



Have you tried taking an antihistimine tablet.  I have heard of some ladies on here who have done that.  It would be worth asking your rads team  to see if they think it would help. 


I was thinking because if you have a bite or hives that sort of thing they recommend you taking antihistimine to ease the itching.  I take one every day for my hayfever.



Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy


I had a masectomy on 19th June and started rads x15 on 15th August. I began with an itchy rash early on and the radiographers asked me what cream etc I was using (it was E45) They told me to stop and prescribed


Epaderm which is much thicker than E45 and helps keep whole area supple but nothing really seems to help with the itching I am afraid. Good luck

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Thanks for info Jen Jen. I am setting off in 20 minutes to see consultant. Fingers are crossed. Hope you are still feeling good. X

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

I had 15 rads this time last year after an MX and lymph node clearance without recon, my tattoos landed just under my arm just under where my boob would have been and just in the middle of my boobs they are so tiny I cant really see them.
I used aveeno, aloe vera and yes to carrots coconut oil lotion . My team said R1&R2 were not not needed and any good mild moisturiser would work.
I am really fair but with frequent moisturising my skin held up really well. I used to put some on as I was getting dressed straight after rads and then around 3-4 times a day at regular intervals . At my rads follow up the doc said he had expected me to get problems and was suprised I hadnt.
I can honestly say after chemo surgery and seromas rads were the "easy" part

Take care xx

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Hi Maryminder. Thanks for the info. Hope you are feeling ok after the radiotherapy..I read that it can be very tiring. X

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Hi Silverlady, 

Thanks for the info. Hope all is going well for you. I see my consultant tomorrow to get the full report after having my mastectomy 3 weeks ago. Will find out exact plan then but I know it will definitely involve radiotherapy...she told me that right at the start. X

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Hi Michelle


I completed 15 sessions of Radiotherapy in March 17 following a Mastectomy in Sept 16 and Chemo, Mine was the same as Susan whole breast area and collarbone on same side, was told to use E45 after each treatment and still use it now, you can get it on prescription (have you applied for your exemption certificate),

I had 3 tattoos one each side and one in the middle.

Mine changed colour slightly (like a mild tan) but other than that nothing, the Radiologists will keep an eye on things for you as well.

Hugs and best Wishes

Mary xx

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Hi Michelle,
I have had a mastectomy and have just completed 3 radiotherapy, with 12 more to go. I was told that as I had had a mx that they would target the whole chest area as well as my scar. So far, nothing has happened, although I was told it could get sore a lot further on. I was advised by the Nurse to use E45 to keep the area moisturised as the skin can get dry. But to make sure it wasn't on when I got to them. I have four tattoo's - 1 either side of my torso, 1 in the centre of my chest and 1 where my bra strap goes.

I hope this helps.



p.s. I have no idea what a shell isSmiley Happy

Re: Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Hi Michelle,

Unfortunately I can't help answer your question as I had a lumpectomy but one of the lovely ladies on the forum should be along soon to help answer some of your questions. I'm also not using any moisturisers yet but I was told to use zerobase by the nurses if I need it. The forum is a great place to chat about experiences etc and it's helped me enormously.


Radiotherapy after mastectomy

Hi. I have read through many posts relating to radiotherapy and a lot of ladies mention body shells and hot boob. I take it that the hot book comments are linked to lumpectomy rather than mastectomies. Has anyone got info about what happens if you have had a mastectomy? Do you still have a shell? Where are the tattoos? Is hot/dry tissue still an issue? Who h moisturisers do you recommend? Anyone used R1/R2 creams and is there any point asking my go for prescription for R creams? 

Thanks for any advice.

Michelle x