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Radiotherapy start 30/05/17


Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17



Its a pleasure, such a momentus occasion needs to be celebrated 🙂


I cant remember what your dagnosis was but perhaps you do not need a follow but if it was me I would just check to be sure.  I had a follow up with my onc 8 weeks after I finished my rads.  I was told I would have a mammo 18 months after my op and then annually after that for four years.  I am seeing my onc in August only because I was too scared to wait until next April, but it is for a physical exam and catch up, he is really lovely and could see that it was stressing me as when I was diagnosed they told me mine had been there for about 7-12 months and this felt too long a gap.  He told me I would have a mammogram and then clinic apt annually for the 5 years.


At least by checking with your bcn you will have a better understanding of what happens going forward now.


Helena xxx



Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

Hi Nada007,

had my final 15th session of radiotherapy last wednesday so this is my first full week of not having to rush to the hospital every evening ☺️☺️☺️

Still applying the Aveeno lotion everyday,  had some itching around outside of nipple area and the actial nipple itself 😳😳.  Going to continue with the lotion n still drinking lots of water.

at final review was told i will be called back in 2-3 months time for a checkup n see surgeon again in a years time......told me i could stsrt to use deodorant and my nirmal shower creme when i didnt feel it making me sting.  Hoping you continue to improve and lets get all this well n truly behind us and start to look forward. 

Hang in there ladies....there will be an end in sight for you all. 💞

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

Awwww....thank you sooo much Helena. Yesterday was my last day and thrilled it's over. I have been mosturising a lot, but still ended up rather sore and skin slightly peeled off around nipple area. All that really in the last couple of days. Bit it's over now! Using that nice honey based cream I was given...although ladies be careful as it's rather sticky and you don't want to be pulling your bra too quickly ;-). Helena, just a quick question...I had an appt with my Oncologist after my last session. He said he does not need to follow me up any more, however that's what my surgical team said too! I guess it's a good news, but surely I need check ups? Yearly at least? Plus my mammo was negative and I already suggested I should be offered at least an ultrasound or an MRI alongside a mammogram. I'll be in touch. I better contact my breast nurse so I dont slip through the net xxx

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17



Well according to my records you have finished rads today so I am ringing the bells for you mate.  Hope all has gone well, take care over the next couple of weeks and remember to keep moisturising, fluid intake and resting.



Helena xxxx

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

Hi Nada007,
Thanks for the advice re. Bio-oil. I'll ask tomorrow as I get my pathology results back (no sleep for me tonight then!)
I'm glad your first session went better than you thought it would. You seem to have the right mindset about work. You can only do what you feel up to!
Good luck with the rest of your sessions x

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

Hi all...mini mad, Karen and Helena. I had my first session yesterday and went better than expected. My 21yr old daughter came and it was lovely having her with me in the room while nurse was explaining what will the treatment involve. I forget sometimes how much it affects her and she needs to be reassured too that I am not in any pain.

I also will be having 15 sessions of the whole breast with extra 5 at the end that that my Oncologist calls a 'booster week' where they will concentrate the beams on the area of the breast where the lump was situated. Not sure if anyone else has this too?!

I started applying E45 immediately after, just in case 😉 and am having a bottle of water with me constantly. Thought I'd take Helena's advice and be ahead of things ;-). Thank you Helena xxx.

I received my schedule until 27/6 and as I said will be working in the mornings with treatments in the afternoon. If I don't feel up to it the next day then I'll just rest at home and go to treatment. Work can wait!

Dear mini mad, all
The best at your first session today. I will be thinking of you at my second 🙂

Dear Karen, I wish you a speedy recovery from your lumpectomy and hope all goes well. There is something I'd like to suggest and feel free to ask your nurse or surgeon. My surgeon recommended that I apply Bio Oil on my scar after lumpectomy as soon as all the strips are out. I think it's helping and my scar looks neat. Just massage your breast gently twice a day with oil...your scar area.

And lastly in case anyone is interested and would like to compare notes...I was diagnosed with:
Grade II, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with DCIS
Er+, Pr+, HER-2 negative
15mm (total with DCIS 24mm)
Lumpectomy 30/03 with negative lymph nodes
Re-excision 20/04
Radiotherapy start 30/5
Tamoxifen since 08/05/17 (can't think of any side effects yet)
I'm 46yrs old

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

I have my first session tomorrow of 15.

a little nervous which i suppose is usual.

was wondering bout the E45 creme and when to apply it.

will do as you did and take it with me.  Thanks for advising about drinking more fluid.

now i just want it to be over n done with ☺️



Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

Hello both

I'm really glad I found this thread as it answered questions I've had about whether it is possible to still work while having radiotherapy. Not sure why I feel testy reading this though! I had a lumpectomy on Tuesday last week and find out on Thursday what is next, but radiotherapy looks to be on the cards at a minimum. xx

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17



Hey its a pleasure, just glad to have been of some help.


Yes I can relate totally to what you mean, your life is in someone elses hands and you do not have control of it, but the way to look at it is on 19 June, I am presuming you are having 15 sessions, you will have your life back again, as there will be no more active treatment, it will feel weird at first but it is a lovely feeling to know that your daily activities are not controlled by that appointment and we will get to ring the bells for you on that day as well, which is something we do on here when a lady finishes rads.


You moan away on here, we all get you and totally understand no one will think any the less of you for it, they are all totally normal reactions, I remember thinking "why me?" but then thought well why not?


With regard to the tamoxifen everyone is different and not everyone has side effects or some might have more than others.  I personally, I am 58 so post menopausal but have osteoporosis so can not have the letrozole normally prescribed for ladies of my age, have a wonderful hot flush about an hour or so after I take it, but really apart from that it is not having a greate effect on my life and is a small price to pay. 


Helena xxx

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

Dear ladybowler, thank you very much for your kind reply.

I think everything is progressing so quickly (which is great), but on occasion I feel I've lost control and everyone else is in charge of me. I was diagnosed on 15/3, had lumpectomy on 30/3 and re-excision 20/4 and now starting radiotherapy next week. I really couldn't have wished for a better care and a wonderful team.

I started with Tamoxifen on 08/05 and was wondering how soon if any side effects would I notice? I am 47yrs old.

Luckily, as you said I didn't have to go through chemo and I send all my love to those who have or are going through it right now.

I really should look at all the positives and stop moaning, but I sometimes feel so down and negative and sometimes angry. I like being at work as I forget about this. My boss is very supportive and flexible and have great workmates so I am under no pressure there if I want to take more time off.

Thank you again for your response xxx

Re: Radiotherapy start 30/05/17



Hello and a very warm welcome, it is amazing how many of us have skirted around the site for quite  a while before actually posting, I was 5 weeks post surgery when I did, and I have never looked back it has been the best thing I did, so much wonderful support and help from the lovely ladies on here.


It is not "just radiotherapy"!! it is an active part of your treatment, and only those who have been or are going through it can understand that.   We have been fortunate enough that we have not had to have chemo as part of our treatment plan, but it does not lessen what we have had to go through xx  There are ladies on here that have had to run the whole gambit of chemo, radiotherapy and hormone treatment.


I worked reduced hours for three days a week Mon-Wed and like you had my sessions in the afternoon so that I could then be at home in the evening and able to rest as I needed it. I would make sure your boss is aware that it might be on occasions you are not able to do the hours, especially if you are doing them every day and that you might need to adjust them to help you.


Yes you are right, it does affect everyone differently, I did not suffer badly at all from the effects of it, the area around around my nipple was itchy and swollen by the time I got to 14 days in, BUT your team will be keeping a close eye on you checking how your skin is reacting every day and if you have any concerns just ask them.


The main thing to remember with radiotherapy is to moisturise well 2/3 times a day, I used to take my E45 with me and apply it after each session when I was getting dressed again.  Make sure you take in plenty of fluid, radiotherapy can cause dehydration which in turn can result in fatigue so it is important that you listen to your body and rest when you need it.  I remember I would just be sitting down and all of a sudden my shoulders would go heavy, next thing I was asleep for 10/15 minutes, then wake and be fine.


I think the worst bit for me was the travelling to/from a daily appointment and my life being dictated by this one apt.


I will start a new post on the Going Through treatment, radiotherapy thread for those ladies who are still having rads in June or just about to start, there will be loads of support on there.


Any questions, if we can answer them we will do, just know you are in a lovely safe environment where you can rant rave be happy whatever.


Sending you a hug xxx

Radiotherapy start 30/05/17

I've been looking at this forum since my diagnosis in March, but never had courage to ask anything. I start my radiotherapy next week for 4 weeks and getting very anxious. I had no chemo and most people say 'oh it's just radiotherapy'! So I go along with that not to make any fuss, but I am worried and wanted to find out how it will affect me or is it different for everyone? I organised to work 9am-1pm with my radiotherapy being at 2.30pm every day. I wish you all well xxx