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Rads and implant

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Re: Rads and implant

I had a saline implant Sept 2006 then had 7months of chemo - Epi CMF and finished 5wks of daily radiotherapy end of April this year. Up until a couple of days ago I had no problems but have to say now my implant just doesn't feel right so not sure if its due to my having a lot of fluid on board from the Herceptin/tamoxifen; or capsular contraction or a result of the radiotherapy. Am going to contact BC Nurse after w/end to be checked out. My radiographer said that the problems you can get from the radiotherapy mishaping the implant is due to fibrosing which usually takes a few years to manifest.
You have to remember the benefits out weigh the risks!
Good luck on the 6th and i really hope you had a fantastic holiday.
mandarin x

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Rads and implant

Hi Everyone
I got my last chemo yesterday and it seems like the day I had been waiting for has arrived at long last... I am not feeling too bad with it (usually am) but not yet as happy as I though I would be, I think it will take time to sink in...
Anyway, I am due to start radiotherapy on 6th August after a holiday I am truly ready for.
I had reconstruction with a expander implant in February. At the time, before the pathology results were known, it was thought I would not need rads so the implant choice seemed OK. I had an expander implant fitted but it turns out the cancer was grade 3 so some radiotherapy was recommended after all. My onc said he would prescribe a lower dose of rads over a longer period (i think it is 1.5, whatever that means, and it is over 5 weeks) to avoid too much damage/hardening of the expander implant but I am a bit worried about the effects on the expander on top of the usual side effects. I went to see my plastic surgeon who said the expander was likely to harden and would have to come out (the plan was to replace it anyway) but it will have to be done 6 months post chemo. Has anyone else had radiotherapy over an implant and can you share your experience?
Many thanks in anticipation,