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Recall mammogram


Re: Recall mammogram

Hi Steph, I know your mind will have gone in to over drive but the majority of recalls do turn out to be completely fine honestly, so many ladies come through the forum on the back of a recall only to come back to give us good news, My own sister and my best friend both had the same and were given the all clear 😁

On the other a Side a diagnosis is doable too, I'm 2 years on and fighting fit! Let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Steph downs

Recall mammogram

Hi I am new to this group . I have been recalled to go for further tests after a routine mammogram and I am worried that I have got cancer . I had a cyst 5 years ago which was drained . They did say it could come back. But the worry that it could be worse is taking over all my thoughts.