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Recently diagnosed

Re: Recently diagnosed

Yes Jets...the slightest thing sets me off!
Judi....baking Tray...what a romantic man you have..lol!I used to me married to a young Yorkshire Man in the 80s...he was exactly the same,but I loved him😊X
2015 def going to be a good year for us ladies...lots of love 😊xxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Rachel had a lovely day out thought i might be spoilt but typical Yorkshire man he bought me a baking tray!!!!( as if )when he goes back to work i will have a girlie day out and spend spend spend!!! feel so much better for gettting out into the sunshine Lots of Love Judi ps love to my other friends also xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Oh the waves .. Emotions hit me like I haven't experienced before - double masectomy booked for 12 jan and have just collected my son from a local pub and noticed for the first time a 'no cycling' sign - Actually felt like crying!!!! Madness !!!! - over a sign!!! Hang in there ladies 2015 is OUR year!

Re: Recently diagnosed

That should say tears not years lol!

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Judi...sorry you felt sad today😕...it's just comes in waves doesn't it?One minute your fine and the next you can just burst into years...X
Bet you can't wait to get your results...me too,don't know when I get mine,going to ring up Monday.Be good to get on with the treatment.
Hope you enjoy your shopping and get some bargains!Just take plenty of coffee breaks,as it's tiring.Its good to get out though.
Love Rachel X

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi i seem to have had a really down day i was washing up and suddenly burst in to tears how daft is that really got to  me today wish it was the end of the week and i get my results, then i can get on with the next stage my doctor signed me off for 4 weeks not sure i will be off for that length of time but she must have thought i needed it going out tomorrow seem to have been stuck in doors for yonks looking forward to a bit of retail therapy Lots of love Judi xxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

...a quick question,I've been given 2 weeks off sick from work,so that will take me up to next Thurs/Friday to go back,but don't know if I'll be ready to go back yet...it's hard being away from work too long...what have you ladies done?X

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi ladies...hope you are all okay and not too worn out😊...Mattt,I hope you are getting more sleep and Judy how are you feeling?
I've had a lovely few days with my daughter and spent a lovely Christmas Day with my best friend and her family,being spoilt 😊...apart from being worn out and a little sore(when I forgot all about my wound!)...it was pretty good.
I did constantly worry though about drinking alcohol though,was any of you feeling the same?Ive always been pretty healthy and of course being told you have BC,you don't ever think it's gonna happen to you,but especially when you've been pretty healthy and never smoked etc...So now more than ever,I'm even more aware of what I'm eating and drinking...but hasn't stopped me from having a few glasses of wine and chocolate !😊Got to enjoy ourselves !X

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi ladies. Wasn't looking forward to yesterday, first Xmas without my Mum and my nipple 😳 but it went well. I find Christmas is an emotional time without everything else that's happening to us. A teary day now and again is to be expected Judi, I still have them and my surgery was at the end of August so still very early days.

Much love Ladies xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Survived Christmas Day - an emotional time - looking back it's not been a good year, but next year will be the best


Been listing my positives(aims) for next year:


Beating the Beast is the main thing - it can only get better not worse-


Did have a whole nights sleep last night - hooray!!


Hope you all survived and enjoyed your day yesterday 


Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Ladies hope you are all ok we are having a belated xmas day turkey and and all the trimmings,i dont know whats wrong with me today i feel a bit teary probably a culmination of the past few months and the surgery will have a glass of wine with lunch that should cheer me up Love to you all Judi xxxx ps hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.

Re: Recently diagnosed

I agree - think we can maybe talk more freely here about our feelings.

Hope we stay as a group now we have made the contacts


Have a lovely day tomorrow - Christmas Day and enjoy it - relax (says she who hasn't slept for 2 nights again):smileyvery-happy:

Re: Recently diagnosed

Love and hugs to you to Judy😊X
I agree,it's great having you all as new friends and ones that we can share our ups and downs...it's definately going to be a better and healthier 2015!😊
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmasxxxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Love and hugs to you too hope you have a nice xmas and 2015 will be the start of a new and better year for all of us, its so nice to chat to you all and the ups and downs we have experienced i know the journey has just started but if we all keep chatting to each other we can get through it we havent met but it seems like we have been friends for ages love Judi xxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Oh okay...sorry,thought you had results already X

Re: Recently diagnosed

Don't know yet - find out on the 2nd

Re: Recently diagnosed

So were your lymph nodes clear Matty?
I'm not sure how long I have to wait for results...that's the worst bit.
I have to wait for a reconstruction until after my Chemo etc,so it maybe a year yet...I'm sorry you've been messed around a bit and being told one thing and then another 😕
Fingers crossed you get a date soon😊xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Judi, well done and pleased to hear that it went well, lots of good advice about taking it easy so please listen and then you can all remind me of this after mine. Not quite what we asked father Xmas for but we are doing really well so let's do our best to enjy Christmas, love to you all, it seems strange 2 months ago we didn't even know each other but the messages have really helped me and I hope the same for you. Love and hugs cheryl x x

Re: Recently diagnosed

Pleased to hear ops are going well


In answer to your question I had the 2 sentinel lymph nodes removed

Great today because I could wash under my arm for the first time for a week!! 

I chose to have them removed and tested first as I would like an implant. I do have to have a mastectomy but if they show the Beast then I won't be able to have an implant. 

One of the reasons for this decision was that all through the process I have been told it probably isn't ,and each time it has turned out that it is. I have gone from probably isn't cancer, to you need a lumpectomy and now I need a mastectomy.

Still hopeful and will be relieved when the date is set and the op carried out



Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Judi...glad you have had your op and it went well😊x
Let your hubby spoil you and take it easy.
Onwards and upwards as you say!
Have a lovely Christmas with your family😊xxxxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

So pleased it went ok Judi. Now rest up and lots of tlc. xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Ladies,all done feel a bit battered and bruised but sounds like it went ok but wont know for 10 days i feel so much better( mentally )now the surgery is over and done with onwards and upwards now got hubby running around after me!!!!! Lots of Love Judi xxxxxxxxxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Going to see local nurse tom morning to get wound checked X

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi guys😊
Thankyou for your kind words...I'm being pretty good and resting as much as I can,but is hard with Christmas preparations!
Hope everything goes well Judy...our thoughts are with you X
Thankyou Chez...I'm trying to be good!
Mattt,how many lymph nodes did they remove?I had two taken out whilst they did my Masectomy,that's where it's mainly sore under my arm...hope I don't have to wait too long for results.Will they decide on the 2nd what you will have done?Xx

Re: Recently diagnosed


I chose to have Lymph nodes removed and tested first - last week - I now have a wonderful turquoisey/blue nippleSmiley Very Happy

Results 2nd January along with treatment plan.

Hope all those on here have a good and not too sore Christmas, 

Remember don't lift anything BUT do the exercises


See you all



Re: Recently diagnosed

Judi, hope today's procedure went ok. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi balliboo how did today go.? Hope all okay x

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi judi, hope this stage is over for you and you are ok, as ok as you can be, we are all thinking of you
How are you Rachel, hope you are doing as told, ie nothing x x

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi ladies thanks so much for your kind words i am going through to York in a couple of hours to have an ultrasound and may have to have a  guide wire inserted as the surgeon said it was not easily palpable and they need to be exact when i go into theatre,im getting a jittery stomach now but this time tomorrow it will be over and done with will keep in touch Lots of Love to you all Judi xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

I totally get that.


I too didnt and still dont feel ill.

I only had the painkillers they gave me at the hospital.


I took them, when I came home, just one at night,, cos I thought it would help me sleep.

But it didnt. 

I took them for about 5-6 days.


My partner was with me for a few days.

You do need a bit of help.


I have been taking it easy - just doing what I need to do, resting inbetween. 

Walked a lot.


It is difficult resting.


Got pre chemo meeting tomorrow.

Then start on 2nd.

Dreading it but gotta be done.


Take care.





Re: Recently diagnosed

Thanks Balli boo😊....is hard resting as I'm used to being busy,but my sister is up for a few days to look after me,so she is telling me off if I try doing anything!
Am coping well,more than I thought I would,but guess it's early days...hardly had any pain relief at all.
Goodluck Judy for Tuesday..you will be absolutley fine Xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi judi, just a message of support for Tuesday, will be thinking of you, cheryl x

Re: Recently diagnosed

Thats great.

Hope all ok. 

Just need to take it easy after surgery for a few days.


Re: Recently diagnosed

Hope all went ok.

Only a small minority are allergic to the dye.

So hopefully your ok.

Catch up soon. 

All the best


Re: Recently diagnosed

Awwwww Thankyou Sandie😊x
How are you feeling?
I'm going to try my best at relaxing,but not good at it!
I'm getting plenty of gentle hugs...the best bit😊..
Rachel X

Re: Recently diagnosed


Its nice to be on this side of surgery 


Home is the best place

Gentle hugs.

A week on it gets better in small steps, no lifting anything but tea cups



Re: Recently diagnosed

Thankyou lovely ladies for your good wishes😊💜X
Can't believe I'm home really,thought I'd be in for at least two nights,but my surgeon said the drain could come out and I could go home,was glad really as don't sleep well away from home and was drained.
My 14 year old daughter is pleased to have me home and is looking after me😊...am very tired and a bit sore,but so glad to have this part of my journey done.
Yours will be fine Judi,just rest lots xx
Thankyou for caring...I'll keep you posted on my progress😊X hugs

Re: Recently diagnosed

Well done you, been thinking of you, take it easy though and do what they say, love and hugs x x x😄

Re: Recently diagnosed

Im so pleased it went ok mine on Tuesday Lots of Love to you all. Judix

Re: Recently diagnosed

Rachel pleased to hear your op went well and you are ok to go home. One box ticked, your emotions will be all over the place just go with it. Gentle hug xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hey guys...Thankyou for your good wishes😊X
I'm all done and they are sending me home this afternoon!Ive been well looked after and my surgeon has done a fantastic job...not quite sure how I'm feeling at the moment,but happy the op has been done and can move onto the next stage😊Xxxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Rachel Good luck and will be thinking of you x x

Re: Recently diagnosed

Good luck ColliR8 I'll be thinking of you today xx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Balli-boo😊
Think I got mixed up with what I was having done today...I have radioactive liquid injected in today and have the dye before the op tommorow like you did....they said I may look a but Smurfy!
Sounds like you have same sort of treatment plan as me,once they get results from tommorow,then will start Chemo.
The good thing is we have each other to support and chat to,as we are all truly going through it together.
I'll catch up in a few days,early night tonight😊Xxxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Thank You.


Procedures seem to be slightly different depending on location.

Surgeon injected me with the dye immediately before surgery.

I was under GA but he told me afterwards that it was his fault I looked like a smurf! 


Looking to the future after chemo (3-4 months ) starting Jan 2nd, then Axillary node removal and

recovery (5-6weeks ? ) and then finally radio (3 weeks ).

All being well June/July before I am Me again. 


Our experiences make us who we are so will never be old Me again.


All the very best.

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi cheryl so sorry to hear you have been cancelled the way i feel at the moment i will have a nervous breakdown if they cancel i will go and camp outside the hospital and wont budge till they do it !!!!!! have to go to another hospital for the guide wire on Monday as there is no radiographer at my hospital on Monday never a dull moment lots of love Judi x

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Balliboo,sorry you had a bad experience with the dye and they found a little amount in your nodes,but now your lumpectomy is done,then Chemo in Jan,soon get rid of any stray buggers and soon be back too good health😊X
Hey Cheryl...Thankyou so much for your good wishes lovely...sorry yours has been changed dates,but just try to enjoy Christmas and before you know it,it will be the 5th and get it all sorted.
I'll catch up later as off for my dye injection in a few hours,take care for now ladies😘Xxxx

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi Rachel, good luck for Thursday will be thinking of you. Judi glad your progressing and the 23rd will be here soon and think it's completely normal to worry, I guess it's just trying to manage it is what we have to focus on. After my post yesterday and the op date, they rang back and cancelled it as there is no one to do the dye part of the op available, I really don't understand how they can offer. A date without checking all the facilities are available but hey ho...now booked in for the 5th. So that has blown me off course a little. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and judi on the 23rd, love and hugs cheryl aka chez!

Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi. I too had grade 2 ductal invasive.

My surgery was on 12/11/2014. 


Had wire guided WLE along with SNB to check nodes.

Op went very well but unfortunately a very tiny amount found in sentinal node.

Also I had an allergy to the blue dye.chances of tha happening were very low.

I was in the right place so they were able to give me antihistamine.


Agree with others re looking on Google. You need to know exactly what you are looking for as too many variables.

I was petrified of it all. 

You have lots of different emotions.I found I was ok if in company and as soon as I was on my own I would burst into tears. Cried myself to sleep many a night. You do feel better once you know your treatment.


The wire is really quite thin and procedure almost without any pain.Just the prick of the needle.

Anaesthetic stings a little as it goes in. 

Really nothing to be scared of.


re the op to remove my tumour it lasted under an hour.

The team were brilliant. There will be some scars obviously but surgeons are amazing. 

Its like they have been drawn on with a biro - that thin.

I am really pleased.


Unfortunately for me I have to go through chemo on my journey so star Jan 2nd.

If your nodes are clear then you should be ok.

I was told just radiotheraphy if nodes were clear.


Hope all goes well on 23rd.


I really found comfort and lots of info on this site. 


Re: Recently diagnosed

Hi keepmumsane😊...so nice to read your doing well and feeling positive...am happy for you that you had a successful op.I have mine Thursday ,then the same as you,Chemo,possible rads then fingers crossed a reconstruction 😊.
I'm having my lymph nodes done at the same time,did you?
It's so comforting having you girls to talk tooXxx