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Recommendations for Headscarfs?


Re: Recommendations for Headscarfs?

Hiya, if you want a cap type hat, or any other hat also have a look at suburban turban - they saved my sense of chic last summer, bw nicola


Re: Recommendations for Headscarfs?

Bandanashop.com. I also went a bit mad with Buffs. Really versatile and very comfortable, the only problem was deciding which of the several hundred I wanted! Managed to lose one of them in Reading, and have lost another one in the house somewhere, but still have a couple that I use all the time. Great colours.

That site also does loads of different styles and colours and patterns of square bandanas, so make sure you settle yourself down for a long session before you start browsing.


Re: Recommendations for Headscarfs?

Hi there,

I got a couple from http://www.bohemia-fashions.co.uk/ they were pretty quick at delivery too.

Also buffs are good for around the house (or under a crash helmet as in my case) - I got mine from the Cotswold shop but you can get them online too, also got a few from the Stock Shop at the hospital - oh and Sainsburys of all places!

Good luck in your search.


Re: Recommendations for Headscarfs?


I've got three cotton squares from the India Shop online.


( Hope it okay to advertise this on the forum but if the link is edited out it's easy to find via google)

They are great because they are pure cotton, cool, thin, lots of plain and patterned fabrics to choose from, non-slip and a great square shape and large size. Great to experiment with There are some ideas on the website.
Best bit, they're only £5 each!

I actually got mine through the Hair and beauty lady at Northampton General so I can't comment on delivery times etc.

Hope this helps.
Kate x

ps Just checking the link and I've seen they also sell pack of 3 headscarves with co-ordinating silk ties for £12.95. Can't say fairer than that - might get some more...

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Recommendations for Headscarfs?

I'm trying in vain to find somewhere on the internet that sells large plain bandanas that cover all of head and you can tie back into a big bow.

I don't want preformed ones as I like to tie in different styles.

Can anyone point me in the direction of online stores?

Thanks :)) Eternally grateful as it's driving me nuts ha ha.