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Reconstruction Options


Re: Reconstruction Options

Hi BooLem

I had a double mastectomy with immeadiate recon as i didnt need any radiotheraphy. I had implants, which because i went smaller didn't need the expanders 1st.

To be honest at 1st i hated them and it is taking me along time to get used to them, i also thought i might have preferred not to have any but i am glad now that i have just little ones.

I have spoken to lots of ladies who have had the tummy op and they are all happy with their new boobs, and their tummies but you have to do what you decide is best for you.

Talk to your breast care nurse and consultant about the different choices there are for you

Hope you get some reassurance

take care, keep us updated

love Erica xx

Reconstruction Options

I have a stage 2 lump that is positioned on the top right of my breast. Just completed dose 5 of FEC-T and the lump isn't shifting. So, can't have lumpectomy as surgeon needs to take skin when lump is removed.
This means mastectomy, with skin, fat and arteries being removed from my tummy and somehow crafting a breast. Followed by radio which might alter the new breast.
The plastic surgeons are trying to be positive by saying its a tummy tuck but this was never something on my bucket list. I am wondering do I have any other options - will they take both off? I think I cld cope being flat chested. Has anyone else had experience of this reconstruction? Do you just hope for the best? I always assumed lump wld shrink and I wld get a lumpectomy.