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Reconstruction of boob after radiotherapy


Re: Reconstruction of boob after radiotherapy

I had temporary expander implant put in in may, filled in June then had 15 rads in July. The skin has tightened, the surgeon reduced the implant by 20ml mid rads to relieve the pressure.

I'm now 8 weeks post rads and it's healed well, no sign of damage just a bit tight and have been told to massage scar and pec.

I plan to have the expander replaced with permanent silicon in the new year.

Re: Reconstruction of boob after radiotherapy

hi loobyloo


I have had left MX and implant with strattice mesh.  I wouldnt have had the implant had I known I was going to have radiotherapy but it wasnt mentioned initially.  However I have now had 8 rads 7 to go.  The implant is decidedly tighter than it was, it has always been tight and uncomfortable tbh,feels like a bowling ball is tied on to my chest. It is now feeling much tighter, which is what they said would happen, nothing else untoward at the moment, will let you know after next 7.  Everyone is different of course, everyones skin is different too.  I had my Mx on March 10th.. they say can take a year or eighteen months to settle anyway. Val xxx


Reconstruction of boob after radiotherapy

Hi ladies,


Can I ask has anyone on here had radiotherapy and now having risk reducing surgery and a reconstruction using a implant?


I have read that some people have problems with their implant when they have had radiotherapy.


I need to have tge surgery to remove my breasts as I have been advised that I have the braca 2 gene.


Thank you, I would appreciate any advice,


Lynne xx