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Recovering from surgery


Re: Recovering from surgery

I am nearly 3 weeks post Mx and immediate silicone reconstruction, with 2 nodes removed. My armpit and arm are sore, the numbness combined with electrical type nerve pain, my muse recommended massage, can anyone advise the best oil/cream to use for under my arm and maybe scar( if I can bring myself to do this!) Thanks in advance Jane x

Re: Recovering from surgery

I had my mastectomy on November 21st and am waiting to get a date for Radiotherapy.I have been doing exercises (the physio came to see me in hospital after my op) but have started going to actual appointments at the Physiotherapy department at my hospital this week-after my breast nurse referred me.
I had the sensation of water trickling down my ribs up to about 2 weeks ago-and still feel numb in my armpit and down my right side-which is very strange.I get funny nerve pain twinges where my scar is-and have to be careful getting dressed and I cannot lie on my right side at all,it is so stiff and painful.The mobility does get better though,every day it does get easier and it is hard to see it sometimes,but I think"well,this time last week,I couldn't do this",etc.
Every stage brings new challenges and I think the mental side of dealing with Breast Cancer is often so much worse than the physical (and the physical is bad enough)
Take it as it comes and be kind to yourself,
Do what is right for you,
Lots of love xxx

Re: Recovering from surgery



i actualy got my first good nights sleep in a week last night, bliss!

ive got no chance of forgetting my exercises, my daughters a physiotherapist and still,lives at home so the first words out of her mouth when she gets home from work is “have you done your exercises today mom?”

one of her mates from uni is a radiologist and has sent me a lovely message explaining step by step the process of radiotherapy. I’ve got such a good family around me which is helping me stay strong


hope you have too


julie xxx

Re: Recovering from surgery

Hi Ladies

the numbness and trickling feeling is certainly normal - I had that for a while, and numbness under the arm for a few weeks. Not sure what surgery you had - WLE and SNB? Glad you are both out the other side of the op and sounds like you are doing fine. Don't forget to do the arm exercises religiously, exactly as they desribe. xx

Re: Recovering from surgery

Hi! Hope you are doing ok.
I had my surgery on Tuesday and came out of hospital yesterday-I have the same sensation of trickling down my side.
My arm is a bit numb and my drain is still in.
It is so hard getting a balance between being frightened to move your arm at all and not over using it or making any sudden movements because you forget to be careful!!
Wishing you all the best,
Take care and hope you feel much better soon

Recovering from surgery



i had my op last Friday and must say I’ve not been in as much pain as I thought I’d be, however today, 6 days on, I’ve still got quite a lot of numbness around my armpit and Breast, I also keep getting a sensation I can con describe as a feeling like something trickling down my side, which I presume is nerve related.

How long should these last?