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Replacement prosthesis on NHS


Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Pleased to hear the outcome - sounds like much less of a rigamarole than the system at my local hospital. 


All the best.

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Good news ladies! I managed to get through to my BCN yesterday and she's leaving a replacement boobie (same make and size) at the reception desk for me to collect tomorrow - woo hoo!


How strange, and ironic, that I should be so excited by this!!


Thank you all so much for your help, I really appreciate it


Lots of love, Bella xx

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

That's great, poemsgalore, that you are still able to wear it. I find the weight of my silicone one hurts my shoulder if I wear it all day and I wear my KK at home in the evenings, but after being used to the extra weight over about 5 years I find it hard to get used to.

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Jenifer, I got my first knitted knocker 16 months after my surgery, and I still wear them 19 months after. Lots of ladies use them years after surgery.

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Hi Bella over 7 years I have had several replacements of Ameona prosthesis when I have put on or lost weight and one leaked,I haven't had any problems I just see my BCN as they are kept at the unit.I am treated at parapet windsor.I hope you get one ok because as one lady pointed out if we went in for reconstruction it would cost the NHS a lot more .Love Macie x x

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

i got an Amoema Contact one 3 years ago and it leaked on the first wearing. I took it back to the nurse who insisted that I must have scratched or dropped it or something, but eventually agreed to replace it. When the 2nd one also leaked I put a piece of Elastoplast on it because I didn't want to face her again. That was 3 years ago. This thread has reminded me I need to get a new one soon before it disintegrates!

Regarding the Knitted Knockers, they are more suitable for someone who has had recent surgery as they are soft and not weighted, but most people need a silicone breast form for the sake of balance. It is really wonderful though that there are such good kind people in the world who use their time, skills and money to provide this service.

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Thank you all so much for your prompt replies lovely ladies. I've emailed my BCNs so see what they say next week.


Bella xx

Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Well done with running the Race for Life.


Yes, absolutely you should get a replacement prosthesis on the NHS.  They are not made to last for ever.  I was originally told (in writing), 5 years ago that I would be issued with a new one every 2 years (but this did subsequently change).


If your prosthesis is damaged for whatever reason or if it deteriorates or if your weight changes significantly so you need a different size you should have it replaced free of charge with no quibbling whatsoever.


Mine blistered after about 2 and a half years and I was issued with a new one. The BCN was fine but the prosthetics officer holds the stock and hence the budget for replacement prostheses at my local hospital and was a bit arsey about it to start with.  I pointed out that I could opt to have a reconstruction and how much more would that cost the NHS (albeit not out of her budget!).  For reasons of administrative bureaucracy I had to take a form to my GP who had to sign and fax said form back to the prosthetics officer at the hospital.  My GP was fine with this and didn't even ask to see the blistered prosthesis. 


I think you're probably correct that the 'rules' (and no dobut, the procedure) will vary depending on the protocol laid down by your local health authority (or whatever the terminology is).  However, I think to be refused a free replacement under the circumstances you have described would be tantamount to discrimination.


Let us know how you get on.



Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Hi Bella


I asked at my 3 year follow up appointment last year and was told i could get a new one after 2- 3 years if it needed replaced or sooner if I lost or gained weight or if there was a problem eg split. The prothesis nurse had phoned before I had even got home and I very quickly got a replacement. I live in Aberdeen. 


Hope you get a new one soon



Re: Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Hi Bella,


Why don't you contact Knitted Knockers UK. www.knittedknockersuk.com On the page is a form where you can put your bra size, email and home address. One of the volunteers will either knit or crochet a 'knocker' in your size and send it to you, all totally free. As it is a charity though, a donation would be welcome.


poemsgalore xx

Replacement prosthesis on NHS

Hi all,


Does anyone happen to what the rules are regarding replacement prostheses on the NHS?


My original one has literally just split today after 5 years (running Race for life, ironically!). I had a replacement about 2 years ago when I had put on weight (Tamoxifen) but then lost the weight again a few months later so went back to my old, smaller one.


Would I be allowed a new smaller one?


I'm going to email my BCN now, but wondered if anyone had a similar experince, as I'm guessing I'm up for a postcode lottery here...


Thanks, Bella