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Replacing Implant


Re: Replacing Implant


My cancer came back in the reconstructed breast and my surgeon says he wont give me rads as I have an implant, so he is going to remove the whole thing - implant and reconstruction. If there is any way I can get him to 'have a go' without removing the recon. I'd much rather try and then just have the implant replaced if it needs to be.

So, did you have rads on a reconstructed breast?


Re: Replacing Implant

Thanks for sharing your experience I feel much happier about it now.


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Re: Replacing Implant

Hello Heather
I had the same problem, had mastectomy and then finished chemo last Feb and rads in the April, my implant had capsulated and felt very hard and uncomfortable, to be honest, it never felt right, maybe this was because of the continuining treatments at the time and the fact that the skin was being stretched over time with the saline port, the surgeon advised me to wait a few months to see if it would eventually settle, on returning last July he advised me that it would be best to remove it and put another one in, i had this procedure done in Nov andI have to say this one is much better it feels a lot softer, and he is pleased with the result.

Obviously as we know it's never going to be the same as are other natural breast, this one sits higher on my chest; I now have the option of having an uplift on the other side and the nipple repositioned, i am thinking seriously about this procedure, I'am sure you will feel much more comfortable and will be happy with he outcome, and it will be quicker to heal xx

Replacing Implant

Hello All I am going to have my implant replaced as it has gone hard following rads. Feels like I have a cricket ball in there! Wondered if anyone else has been through a similar experience and could offer advice or share their experiences. Thanks. Heather