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Results after removal of lump?


Re: Results after removal of lump?

Hi Shar,

It may be that the appointment with surgeon has to be on a different date for a reason unconnected with your case. 


It will be a good opportunity to talk with your BC nurse, as they are able to spend time and answer a wider range of questions, and get to know you and how you are progressing over a long period.  


Look after yourself and take as much help as you can from whoever you can!





Results after removal of lump?

Hello ladies
I had a phyllodes tumour removed two weeks ago a big one 10 cms by 6cms,after op consultant said all went well and would see him in clinic in two weeks time!I have just received my follow up appointment and it is to see the Breast care Nurse not the consultant,can anyone let me know why this is ?I thought I may need results from him !
Regards Shar xx