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Results are in


Re: Results are in

firstly let me congratulate you on the good news that you don't need any further treatments! As for returning to "normal" that I am sorry to say, will take a while. You will have become slightly institutionalized while going through treatments and surgery. Your life was full of hospital appointments as you followed "the plan". I remember well the feeling of being abandoned. This feeling is normal and it gradually fades. There are some good articles about moving forward and I found them very helpful.


Re: Results are in

Oh Genie, of course you aren't jumping up and down for joy, you've been through abject terror, major surgery, and now feel abandoned. And this is totally, absolutely 100% normal! And no guilt about it being 'only' what it was... cancer is cancer, it is not a competition!

Regarding the pain - phone them or phone your BCN as soon as you can. There is really no need for anyone to be in uncontrolled pain these days; it may be that you need different drugs or a different combination.

Your friend is wrong, so don't listen! You are, what, three weeks from surgery? Which means still very early stages - even the professionals say it takes at least 6 weeks recovery. Get her to try doing her hoovering with one arm tied behind her back then she might get a glimpse of your world! Better still, ask her to do yours!

You need to take it gently and find people who will help you in practical ways whilst you recover. Depending how old they are, maybe your kids can take on a few extra tasks. And if you need help shout - organisations like MacMillan can often put you in contact with people. Pull in any favours you are owed - and don't be afraid to ask a few more.

Lastly a big hug for you. You wil get there, but it is a long, steep and sometimes rocky road.
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Results are in

I know I am lucky very lucky but why am I not jumping up & down.
I was given results Friday after having mx with recon on 4th September. 3 nodes clear, good clear margin was DCIS and not invasive. Just waiting to find out if I require rads my surgeon says not but having to wait 2/3 weeks for them all to decide.
I am not due to return to the hospital until the end of November when they start to fill the expander/implant just felt like we have been dropped we had to ask them to repeat it twice just to make sure. But still came away dazed no offer of call us if you have problems no offer of softie, or how to carry on managing pain from implant, i know I am a big girl and can call.
This probably sounds so ungrateful, one friend thinks, that is it now and I should be back to normal and have nothing to worry about.
Normality for us is me working two jobs, ferrying 4 kids around and hubby living and working overseas.
Maybe its just me and the last 2-3mths have caught up. How do you move on?