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Richmond coffee meet-up


Re: Richmond coffee meet-up

Hi ep ~ I'm not sure what your name is... 💓

It is lovely to hear from you and I'm very sorry to hear of the recurrence diagnosis.  I hope your surgery goes well and wishing you every good thing possible for your health.  

I would love to meet some positive minded women in our situation too and thank you so much for writing. If you fancied a cuppa in Richmond (or Kew) or a walk somewhere local, it would be lovely to meet you and I hope we can talk some time too.  I haven't been to St Albans but always hear how pretty it is.

When is your surgery date? I have a scan every six months and mine is next Wednesday so fingers are crossed.

Love Emily 


Re: Richmond coffee meet-up

hi Emily. I’ve only just joined this and actually only just been diagnosed with recurrence. I’m having surgery next week. I don’t live very near but I’ve easily visited Richmond by train. I live in st slbans and would love to meet some positive minded women in our situation. I love reading and walking. Travelling and adventures. I hope we can talk sometime. 


Richmond coffee meet-up


Does anyone live in the Richmond area, who’d be up for a cuppa?

I’m in remission at the moment (diagnosed in early 2020), have a positive mindset and it would be good to meet some like-minded friends in the secondary community.

A little about me would be that I love nature, reading, writing, walking, adventures, meditation and the arts.

If any of this resonates, would love to hear from you.

Sending love to everyone,

Emily xx