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Risk reducing mastectomy


Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi Animalmad, my situation was a bit complicated and I don't want to worry you. I couldn't have an implant again as the damage to the skin and tissue was too great. 


Where you are just now, its really hard - as you say, all the hospital appointments and it seems endless and quite a shock I'm sure as before this I'm assuming you were well. Try to remember this is temporary. You mention you have children - you remember the way that those sleepless nights seem endless, but when you look back it doesn't seem long? That's what this will be like. If you can, try and see this as short term pain for long term gain. 


Let me know if I can be of any help.


Rattles x

Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi, Rattles


sorry you went through that, im really glad you are doing well now 🙂 When you had your implant removed did you have anymore reconstruction? That makes sense that it takes time for your body and mind to adjust, it does feel endless at the moment, being un comfortable, all the appointments, pain relief, dresing changes and saline injections are yet to come, thank you i have followed the link and filled in the contact form 🙂 


Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi animalmad


I have put the link to the someone like me service that Rattles has suggested:-




I hope you find it helpful.


Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi Animalmad, I'm 3 years on from risk-reducing surgery which found a previously undetected cancer so I had chemo following the surgery.I developed an infection on one side and had the implant eventually removed. 


It was hell at the time and I was devastated to have such problems with the reconstruction. I'm in a better place now - much better.


Physically, I would say for the first 6 weeks, its hard, then after this you make big gains but you will still see improvements. This is a rough guide. I think it will be 3 months before you feel used to your new breasts (I was told 3 months just for the brain and your body to adjust). But depending on your individual situation, your new breasts take time to heal etc


The Someone Like Me Service run by Breast Cancer Care could put you in touch with someone who has had surgery - they have volunteers who have not had cancer, as well as those having preventative surgery. Tuere are some who have had complications i think. They also have an email service if you don't want to talk to someone. If a moderator reads this can you please put the link on here please?


Does this help?



Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi Rattles


Thank you for replying.

sorry you had complications too it is rubbish! i was a bit nieve and thought it would all be plain sailing. may i ask how long ago you had your surgery and how you are feeling now if thats ok, as i havent had the opportunity to talk to someone thats gone through risk reducing surgery, it would be really nice and helpful just to no how you are feeling (good or bad!!) thank you xx 

Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi Animalmad,

I'm sorry you have had so many difficulties. It's really rubbish. I had many complications following my risk-reducing surgery (which you may or may not want to know!) I think when many things go wry unexpectedly, its hard not to worry. Try to remember that your poor body has been through a major trauma. Even one operation is exhausting and you've had several and an infection too! I'm sure you will notice gains, but I think you will be noticing improvements for many months yet. Also, its very early days for your reconstructed breasts yet. They are a 'work in progress.' I'm glad to hear you have support. Don't feel bad about using it. Take good care and let me know if I can be of any help. Rattles, x

Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi familytree,

thank you for taking time to read my post and reply. It has all been a bit of a mess and a lot more complicated and painful than i could have imagined.

yes im planning reconstruction on the bad side, my surgeon has already put in an expander implant in and has left it flat to completly heal before they begin to put saline in, so i no its not forever but a few months at the very least. My breast nurse has been amazing but she is leaving in a few weeks so im a bit worried. my family and friends have been amazing, im an independant person so have found it hard to leave it to them or ask for help. my partners been great but does long hours and starts very early i dont want to wear him out, i can pick up on the fact he is tired 😞 


thank you again for replying, i hope you find your way xxx 

Re: Risk reducing mastectomy

Oh bless you, it all sounds hurrendous, what a mess! no wonder you are feeling down x

In the first instance I  am sure your husband will still find you beautiful and didn't marry you just for your boobs though completely understand why you are feeling this way. Are you planning recon for the breast that has had complications? 

I am sure all those helping you are doing it because they love you so don't feel guilty about letting them take the work load over.. I am sure you would do it for them so they feel the same.

Your sleep being disturbed will be making you exhausted. I know mine is all over the place right now and this has a knock on effect that can make you feel quite depressed.  Do you have a breast nurse to turn to and answer your questions to? I think it would really help. 

Hope you get some replies from people who have been through the same. I don't know much at all and am still finding my way through this crap! lol


sending love & hugs xx

Risk reducing mastectomy

Hi this is very new to me but im hoping someone can help or offer some guidance please...


I had a risk reducing double mastectomy (due to family history) on the 8th june this year,with reconstruction. ive had quite a few complications, 2 weeks after my operation when they removed the butterfly strips across the incision, my wound had not closed (they had used skin glue) it was green and weeping so i was put on antibiotics, the following week, just before my check up my right breast went a deep red i informed the breast care nurse, who then got my surgeon to have a look, she admitted me to hospital straight away for intrevenous anti biotics, i stayed in for two nights. The next check up i had my surgeon took me down to theatre to have the right side cleaned and re stiched and i was sent home. My next appointment with the nurse was not good, she didnt look happy with it at all so again the surgeon had a look and explained that the blood/lack of circulation wasnt getting round and my skin was basicaly dying as it was turning black!!! She decided the implant had to come out of the right side, the dying skin cut and she would put in an expander implant but leav it flat for everything to heal properly first, i had this operation (14th july) stayed in a night and went home. In between all this ive had allergic reactions to all sorts of dressings. Ive been admitted again at the weekend but they think it was a reaction to dressings rather than infection.


my left side is healing ok with the implant still in although its still quite sensitive at the top, im guessing thats where the muscle is now? should it still be feeling like this 7 weeks post surgery on that side? my right side is now flat, stiches have been removed yesterday and dressings are on, the whole area is very sensitive. In both sides im getting a strange sensation like being pricked with a needle inside, is this the nerves? im still not driving and feel quite tight chested and it pulls if i reach something, my last surgery was on the 14th july (on the right side) i thought id pretty much be back to normal now with feelings and movements, will i ever be? I cannot get comfortable sleeping as i have to stay on my back. ive been very emotional lately feeling bad for being in and out of hospital and not being around for my children ( 6 & 3 years) feeling bad that everyone is helping me and it could be putting a strain on them, losing my breast has not been easy,(im 29 years old) i no its not forever but i feel i cant dress nice and that my partner wont find me attaractive, its brought up alot of bad memories from my mum going through breast cancer and passing away. Its all to late now but i dont no if i have made the right decsion.


SO SORRY for rambling on and my heart really goes out to those that are going through breast cancer as this must be nothing compared.