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SAD light boxes


Re: SAD light boxes

Hi Dizzybee,

If you go on Trustme Im a doctor.  they have the links to the reputable sites & also the research I mentioned. Heres the link:



You need one that is at least 10,000 lux. If you can tolerate the full spectrum ones they are a lot cheaper!!!  You dont have to have a blue light one...I found them less harsh on the eyes but thats just me!  Heres a link to what to look for:



I have rented mine from the Sad Light Company.

Link to reputable comoanies below:-




Hope it works for you too!! 


Re: SAD light boxes



I haven't tried a light box, but am very interested, as I always struggle with depression during the winter. And taking Tamoxifen has also hàd a similar effect. Where did you get a light box to rent, as I'm reluctant to buy something without trying it first.


SAD light boxes

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with bc in 2014 and had the full works.

I am still on Letrozole, originally for five years but now Onc is talking about  10yrs...lol.


I really suffer with fatigue and have noticed how little energy I have particualrly in the mornings. My GP told me re my Mum who is 87 that elderly ladies serotonin levels can drop due to estrogen dropping.....this made me wonder if this was happening to me. I recently saw the programme called Trust me a Doctor who were looking at SAD (seasonal affective disorder) & the impact of SAD lights which can increase serotonin levels. So I thought I would try it out and rented a recognised medically SAD light. I have been a bit surprsied to find that within a day or so I have noticed a significant improvement. Obviously this is early days & it could be the placebo effect.

I then discovered another friend is using one who has been through bc treatment and is finding it helps a little.


Has anybody tried a SAD light? 


I use mine first thing in the morning for 30mins. Mine is led blue light as I found the full spectrum too nright to tolerate. 

Love to hear from others.