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SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye


Re: SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences.

I will still be processing this whole anaphylactic shock experience
for a while. They think mine was "late-onset" but I still want
to ask if any reaction was happening in theatre (or just in

I will find out more about the nodes on Thursday, so
fingers crossed x


Re: SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye

wow, I was lucky then - no reaction other than blue wee. It was actually that bluey green colour that is very fashionable at the moment.

What made me smile was that I had to go for the injection of radioactive dye to a department with a big sign on the door saying Radioactive Medicine. I was sure I would glow like the Ready Brek kids (apologies to those too young to remember).

I was lucky with results too. They only took 3 nodes as the needle test had been clear and all 3 were clear.


Re: SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye

Hi all,
I think most people turn blue - My BCN told me to expect it, blue wee etc... but no other reaction.

4 nodes taken - luckily all clear



Re: SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye


I too had a reaction to the dye, but not anaphylactic. I just turned blue and then was the last one out of day surgery, but I think that was due to the 'piriton' they gave me. However it was very odd looking down and seeing blue patches. The first thing they told me in recovery was that I was blue - NICE. Apparently it is a rare but known reaction.

They took 4 in the SNB and one showed traces of cancer. After mx a further 25 nodes were taken all were clear.

take care


Re: SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye

I too had a reaction to the blue dye, this was during the surgery and they gave me antidotes to it whilst I was alseep. I knew nothing about it but the surgeon was quite worried about me - although there were no real side effects and I went home the followig day.

In respect of nodes, at SNB they took out 9 and 7 were found to be positive for cancer. I then had full Anx clearance. He took 9 as they were swollen and he suspected they would be cancer - normally they only take a couple.



SLNB - Anaphylaxsis after blue dye

I went into anaphylactic shock in the recovery room
after my sentinel lymph node biopsy and was told
that I had had a severe reaction to the blue dye
used in theatre to find the lymph nodes.

I had had a radioactive injection the day before to
find nodes. In all they removed 4 nodes, two hot (radioactive)
and two cold (blue dye.)

What have been others' experience of
1 allergic reaction
2 number of nodes found/removed