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SO SO Scared

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Re: SO SO Scared

Hi, sorry you're feeling so low, as the others have said this is probably the worst time, waiting to see if there's anything to worry about. My OH always says "don't worry until you know there's something to worry about" ...easier said than done though isn't it and something I never manage to do!
You did the right thing getting to the GP to get things checked so here's everything crossed for you that all is well. Di x

Re: SO SO Scared

Hi there

I'm sorry to hear about your worries and waiting around to have things checked out is a terrible time. Hopefully your GP has done an urgent referral and this take usually about 2 weeks. If you haven't heard by one week I would start chasing up with the hospital.

As you know not all breast lumps are cancerous and the only sure way to be certain is to get them checked by a specialist.
Lumps in the neck aren't necessarily cancer either. I've had these a couple of times since my breast cancer diagnosis last Feb and this has been when my lymph nodes were fighting off an infection. I was worried sick but was reassured by my surgeon and oncologist and they were right because they did go down.

I would suggest taking someone with you for your hospital appointment as it can be an emotional time. It's nice to have some support. Please be aware that they make take some biopsies if they're not sure and you can have a wait for results from those too - I had to wait 10 days although I was originally told 17 days.

The waiting is very hard but you're doing the right thing by getting things checked. Your emotions are totally normal.

I do hope that things work out well for you - please let us know.

take care
Elinda x

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Re: SO SO Scared

Thanks for you comments, everytime I think of it I go all cold and feel very teary and withdrawn.
Im trying to act like normal for my sons sake, he is a very sensitive little boy and keeps telling me he loves me, which makes me think he can sense something is wrong.

The doctors told me to wait about 3 weeks for an appointment.

Another worry I have is the nipple on the same breast went inverted about 4 years ago and i dont know if this is realted??

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Re: SO SO Scared

I am just having tests at the moment. Had a biopsy last week and having a mammogram on thursday. My mother died of secondary cancer from initial breast cancer and this adds to my worries.
I just can't stop thinking about it and the effects it will have on my family and my 2 gorgeous dogs.

If there is anyone out there with a little encouragement it would be so gladly received.

Many thanks and good luck to all you ladies and gentlemen on here.

Kind regards

Cath x

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Re: SO SO Scared

Pinkylouloubell, as Rosie Womble ( such fab ID's 🙂 says, ethis is a worrying time but keep in touch with this site, and take the next few stages in small chunks. You will get lots of support on here and will make great friends to hold your hand and guide you. I have heard it said before on here, its all 'doable' we have all been through it, be strong.

more (((hugs)))

Rhian xx

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Re: SO SO Scared

Hi Pinkylouloubell

So many of the ladies on here have been through the self-same thing, hence I guess you will get a lot of replies shortly, but by replying now I'm 'bumping' the thread up the list a bit for you.

This time last year I was in a very similar position, having seen the doc and been referred to the breast clinic - until we've had all the relevant tests, we are in a hideous limbo situation.

It's pointless anyone telling you not to worry at this stage - thinking about worse case scenarios is probably unavoidable, but that isn't the same as that diagnosis being inevitable, far from it.

I too have no partner, and my family is about 100 miles away - so the friends I have made on this forum, (together with a couple of close friends and colleagues) have been absolutely brilliant in supporting me through the last 12 months, so please keep on reading and posting on here - whatever the results, we'll be here for you, helping as best we can from our own experiences.

Love and (((hugs)))
Rosie the Womble

Re: SO SO Scared

Dear Pinkylouloubell

Welcome to the forums where I'm sure you'll get lots of support. In addition, here's the link to one of BCC's publications 'Referral to a breast clinic' which you may find helpful to read:


Please also feel free to call our helpline for further support and information, it may help to talk things through with someone in confidence, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 9-2 on 0808 800 6000.

Take care

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SO SO Scared

I am 30 years old and found a lump in my left breast last week.

A few days before had found a lump in my neck too.

I went to the doctor yesterday and she did a breast exam and could feel 5 small lumps in my left breast.

I have my period at the moment so am hoping this is the cause,

the dr said she is referring me as my breasts are very hard to feel for lumps and she couldnt be sure whether these lumps are hormonla, cysts or worse case cancer.

I am sooooooo scared and cried all day yesterday.

I am a single mum and am panicking what will happen to my 10 year old son if anything happens to me.

I feel so isolated and alone.

I keep feeling the main lump to see if it has gone down and am now very sore!