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SOYA and breast cancer

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Re: SOYA and breast cancer

Hi desnej

I was dx in december with er/pr + grade 2. I too have been completely amazed that soya is in everything and there are quite a few threads in here discussing the subject. I spoke to my GPand BC nurses who said to avoid soya products i.e milk, yogurts but not to get too crazy about it as its in almost every food there is these days.
I have looked all over the net and have still not found a definate answer so basically gave up trying and am just trying to cut dairy to a minimum and doing the 5 a day thing and cutting out processed foods, red meat etc as much as possible. Not sure if its making a difference of not but I am on tamoxifen and zoladex and so far no weight gain or side effects so perhaps its doing me good in other ways.
Good luck with your search, I'm going to keep an eye out on this thread though you never know someone out there may just have that elusive answer.
Love Shonagh xx

SOYA and breast cancer

Does anyone have information on soya and its harm in relation to my situatuion?
I was diagnosed last Oct with oestrogen-positive and so need to avoid soya, but it is in everything - chocolate, organic bread, etc. I have tried to get definitive info but it is impossible.
Wd be glad to hear anything from anyone