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Hi Girls,I had 4xfec,4x taxol.I felt as if I had the mother of all hangovers the night after the first chemo. My head was spinning and I could hardly make it to the bathroom.On awakeing next morning there was no one more surprised than me as I didn't feel too bad at all! I never felt really bad again.Infact,as I've said on an earlier thread,I sailed through it apart from mouth ulcers which were easily treated with a mouthwash they gave me at the hospital.I had no problem working though the fec but I did get progressively tired on the taxol.Vein wise- they did get sore towards the end but that was when I was on the tax.I still have the lines up my arms where the chemo caused them to harden and I'm 5yrs over it! I had very thick waist length hair which I cut to the middle of my back and wore the cold cap.My hair did thin out a bit but at the end of the fec but I still had a good,thick head of hair apart from a little thin patch on the crown.(this could have been because the cap was a little small for me and didn't fit so well over that area)
Best of luck.....Josie xx



Hi there, I have just finished my chemo last week and had a PICC line in for 3 months. To be honest it is a bit of a pain having to wait in every week to get it flushed and changed but if your veins are bad then they can just hook you up and away to go. I have heard that chemo is quite bad on the veins and people do seem to have problems getting a vein. If I can help at all, please ket me know. The whole thing is emotional and I think most nurses are used to the crying. I cried as soon as I walked into the room. Definitely try the cold cap, you have nothing to lose.

Take care

Sam x



Hey there,
i know exactly how you are feeling. I just had my first FEC chemo session on Thursday! I cried non stop the whole day nearly!! It is a very long day, I was in the hospital for 9 hours altogether. It is such an emotional day as you have no idea what to expect. After seeing my oncologist, getting an ECG, seeing the pharmacist etc, i finally went to get fitted for the scalp cooling.
I'm the first person in my hospital to use the scalp cooling so it took a while to make sure the fit was correct. The they switched it on!! It is very cold at first but only for 5-10 minutes. My head then kinda got abit sore & light headed, then it just went numb for the rest of the time. It is well worth the 10 minutes of cold to keep your hair I think!
When it finally came to the chemo part, I was in serious tears again!
I had my FEC drugs just syringed into my hand through a needle inserted in my hand!! It took about 40 minutes to put all the different drugs into me! Then that was it - sort of an anticlimax really. I dunno what I was expecting, but the actual administration of the drugs is no big deal!! I suppose it the anxiety of how they are going to affect you that is the worst thing!!
So I had to wear the cold cold for another 2 hours then finally got to go home! I felt fine afterwards but did have a very bad nights sleep. Kept getting up to go to the toilet every hour (maybe that ws the drugs leaving my body)
Its been 4 days since now and if I'm honest, I'm still completely emotional. I'm still crying quite alot but I think its because I still had not accepted that I had breast cancer yet. I still find all this completely surreal.

Good luck for Wednesday and I hope its not as bad for you as you are imagining! Let me know,

All the best



Hi Everyone,

Been for chemo nurse chat today and will be starting 1st lot of
FEC on Wednesday and am trying Cold Cap to try and prevent loss
of hair.

Just wanted some advice from other people on chemo, with regards
to the picc line, or just having treatment into the veins. Which one is better to have? Didnt fancy having the picc permanently
in arm all through the summer months, with short sleeved tops on etc
and also the fact that it needs flushing once a week and worried about clot risk. Nurse checked my veins and said they dont look
too bad, but they do have to use a new vein with each course of
chemo and only a few people opt to have drugs put through this way,
most choose to have the picc.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Not looking forward to it one bit and was already in floods of tears before I even stepped through
the doors of the chemo lounge. Once again it is fear of the unknown,
how I am going to feel, loss of hair etc, as mentioned already by everyone on this site thousands of times lol!