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Scar revision surgery


Re: Scar revision surgery

Hi again Gay and everyone


Glad you had a productive session with your surgeon, sometimes these appointments can be so hurried  and you come away, having forgottten half of what you wanted to ask or say!


Rattles is it the siligel you mentioned? I think i had it in a tube to apply for a few weeks, maybe I should have persevered and used it over some months instead?


I did speak to the surgeon last year about re exision but he seemed to think that the same thing would happen again, in that the scar would spread ( hence my other post about the tattoo!). I am going to try to get to see him 'sometime' but it often takes ages to get an appointment.


Gay, I am totally with you when you say it will be money well spent to get everything dealt with in one blow. The waits for these operations can be so frustratingly long and while you are in linmbo, you can't move forwards with life because it is always hanging over you.


BC is DEFINITELY 'bad boy BC' but I am sure each and everyone of us, will get to a place where we are finally happy!


Best of luck Gay and to everyone else..

Naz x




Re: Scar revision surgery

Well I had what felt like a very successful consultation with PS. A full half hour to myself with him and plenty of time to discuss and consider everything fully. Only thing I forgot to ask about were the silicone gel sheets Rattles mentioned but will definitely consider using after op as I have read up about them online and they sound really good.

Naz there are things they can do in terms of scar improvement/revision. PS is going to re-incise mine and (not completely sure how this works) use a combination of lipofill fat transfer from my hips and a zig-zag incision along the scar line to make it all lay flatter. Sounds odd but I trust him so going along with this course of action.

Now waiting for a package price for one op to sort the scars out and create a nipple on reconstruction, lift and reduce my good breast and repair my split tummy muscle with man-made mesh (not human or animal). Whatever it costs I feel it will be worth it not to have to go back into the fray of the NHS with waiting times of up to 4.5hrs at a couple of emergency outpatient appointments as a result of problems and a waiting list for this non-urgent operation of at least six months. I'm hoping an old pension policy will be available to cover the cost but whatever happens I think it will be worth it to take charge of my life again. At the moment as well as not being able to make any plans and it is very uncomfortable and unattractive having a big stomach bulge as you will know jillybee. So sorry to hear you have had to have 10 operations to date. How hard for you.

I do wish everyone well with their ongoing treatments and problems. We have all been through such a lot. It will be lovely if we can get to the stage of starting to put this whole badboy BC thing behind us but it's tough isn't it? Gay x

Re: Scar revision surgery

Like you,was told the fluid would disperse and re absorb....they were reluctant to drain on most visits to the hospital....tummy had fluid in from day one,almost.Went back end of October,referred to have a CT scan,had to wait 7 weeks for that,then had appointment in New Year.The scan showed capsulated Seroma,opposed to hernia.
Then some young indifferent Dr.tried to aspirate,using needles,no permission asked,just stuck them in withdrew 10mls.He then referred me for guided aspiration using ultrasound.....another long wait.
This all happened in large regional hospital,where the PS did my DIEP.
Saw my GP.referred me back to my original surgeon.
Ultrasound again,but unable yo drain,hence surgery.
Was told,like you,rare,but recognisable problem.
Had DIEP as implants failed following bj lateral mastectomy....this will be my 10th op.
Just unlucky,like you .....but feeling OK,Gentle hugs.

Re: Scar revision surgery

Hi Jillybee
So sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations post diep. I thought my swollen belly (which gets worse after exercise and as the day goes on) was fluid and originally my PS just said leave it to disperse on its own. However when I went back two weeks ago with a very pointed, hard and huge bulge on my stomach he said it was definitely not a build-up of seroma fluid but a failure of the ab muscle which had been weakened by the incision and repair it had to have as part of the blood vessel extraction for the diep op. Apparently it is fairly rare for it to happen but it does to about 5% of diep flap women. Trust me to yet again be in the small percentage category (it seems to keep happening and I have lost a lot of confidence in my body/healing etc. generally since original diagnosis over two years ago).

My appointment (can't believe I am going to get a full half-hour with the PS as a first consultation as a private patient) rather than a hasty few minutes with him after initially seeing his registrar and getting completely different advice/suggestions as to the way forward) is tonight at 6.30pm. I have a list of questions for him including Naz's scar revision surgery question and type of mesh to be used etc. etc. As far as I have been able to see with internet research they now use pig skin mesh (strattice) for tummy muscle reinforcement as it is stronger and less flexible than human cadaver tissue which is too flexible. I am also going to ask him about using the silicone gel sheets to help reduce scarring as suggested so again watch this space where I will report all the info I get. Gay x

Re: Scar revision surgery

GBC....see you have tummy bulge,like me,post DIEP.Had my surgery July last year,and have had 3 lots of drainage ,600,400 and a further 400mls.Now seroma has capsulated,and also pocketed.To have all removed and going in using DIEP scar.The surgeon is just hoping get rid of it all,however,if it doesn't work,to use some sort of suturing??am wondering if she will use mesh...or strattice ???....you are the first one here I have seen mention actually having surgery.Keep me posted.I come from East Anglia, by the way.

Re: Scar revision surgery

I can't comment on surgery but I've severe scaring and wondered if you had tried cicagel (think that's correct spelling) - it's like a gel sheet and you cover scar surface. It needs to be applied over months and think you can get it on prescription. Rattles

Re: Scar revision surgery

Hi Naz
I am really hoping to get an answer to your exact question on Tuesday. I had a delayed diep flap reconstruction of left breast in November. Unfortunately I had to go back into surgery two weeks later as part of the flap was dying (in the under arm area where I had a lot of radiotherapy) and had a sizeable chunk of the new breast removed leaving a much deeper indented scar round most of the new breast and raised scarring in the cleavage area. Only one small section was untouched and has healed beautifully with really feint scar already. Additionally I have got to have further surgery now to put mesh in my tummy to strengthen the muscles as I have a big abdominal bulge rather like a hernia. PS says he can do the tummy mesh op at the same time as reducing and uplifting good breast to match much smaller reconstructed one and adding a new nipple. However there is going to be quite a wait on NHS so to cut a long story short I am going to have the whole lot done privately with same consultant PS and my consultation with him to discuss everything again and book my op is on Tuesday evening. I should be able to have my surgery in April which is great news. Just like you my reconstruction scar is very prominent and I am going to ask what might be possible in terms of improving it. I think that lipo filling might be a possibility with fat transfer from another area but I'm not really sure. Watch this space. I'll hopefully have some info after Tuesday consultation. Gay

Scar revision surgery

Has anyone had this done? I had LD flap reconstruction with implant on the left brest 3. 5 years ago now. The shape ls fine and symmetry is good. However, the scar ( which is a large eye shape, going right round the whole of the Breast) is VERY prominent. Even with the nipple amd tattoo, the scar is the first thing which catches my eye. My surgeon says it hasn't faded because of my skin colour ( light brown) and whilst its never going to fade to a white line, it would be good to know that it will fade more than it has now, or that something could be done to lessen its visibility.