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Re: Scars

Thanks Samos
I am pleased to hear that things can be done for scars, as mine are quite large.
Seeing Ps in October, but he does say my scars seem to widen instead of fade, not sure why this is.
When i see the Bcn for a tattoo top up, I will ask if I can see the Ps sooner, but he says he wants everything to settle over this year, as he may do some revision work anyway.

Thanks again
Naz xx


Re: Scars

Hi Naz, I had a small tidy up scar revision on the edges of my DIEP, and I'm pleased - mind you I was pleased with them before.

A friend of mine had the top scar on her DIEP breast revised as it went keloid and she us very pleased with the result. She also used special 'silver' dressings to help the would heal. Ask your ps, if you aren't happy they should help you.

Sue x



Hi all

Has anyone had any kind of scar revision or procedure to reduce the appearance of either their MX or reconstruction scar anywhere on their body?


I have a huge scar which is in the shape of a diagnonal eye on my reconstructed side. I am light brown skinned and it is really prominent to the point where it is all i see when i am in the bath or shower.


My PS says it much to do with my skin type and pigmentation and also that i am prone to hypertrophic scarring and keloids. This is realy getting me down now as i feel that this monster of a scar is a permanent reminder of my trauma, as it sits on my numb reconstruction!


I am hopefully going for my second areola tattoo April/May time and intend on asking my BCN what might be able to be done then. I am not due to see the PS until October, but he is aware the scar is large and that i hate it (he had to repair someone elses bad reconstuction)


Any ideas? I am just getting my head around the recon  but the scar upsets me at times.


Naz xxx