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Second tax this week!

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Re: Second tax this week!

I was told by someone if you have a metallic taste to use plastic cutlery to eat with, you can cut the food up with metal cutley just use the plastic ones to put the food into your mouth. It really did cut the metallic taste down. Also during Tax i had a creamy taste, i was advised to drink caffeine free low fat coke. I tried it and again it helped, neither take the taste away, just cut it down.

Re: Second tax this week!

Hello All

I have just finished 3 FEC and I am due for Taxotere on 29th. My experience has been very similar so I was interested to read about how profound the change of diet seems to have been. I have found the only way to cut down the horrible taste in my mouth and feeling sick is to eat every couple of hours. I have good intentions of eating well but then crave another bag of crisps and exercising, need to lie down after the effort of having a bath. Strange I thought I'd not want to eat and thought a positive from chemo would be at least my jeans would look good! Let me know how the Taxotere goes fore-warned is fore-armed! Heather x

Re: Second tax this week!


Hi I am due to have my first of 3 Taxotere on the 25th too after having 3 FEC. Was nauseous with the FEC and am just trying to chill out before next session. Thought I would leave it a couple of days before due tax then planning to go on here and ask advise. In the past have read so many different versions of se's. My chemo nurse has said I should find the Taxotere easier than FEC so hoping she is right.

Will be nice to keep in touch and compare notes.

Anne x

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Re: Second tax this week!

Hi Margit

I had 3 FEC, which was horrendous as I had terrible nausea. My first TAX was far worse than I thought it would be with joint pain and depression etc. I had virtually a week in bed and never quite bounced back.


A week before my second Tax, I wet on a a major liver cleansing diet, cut out all salt, saturated fat, dairy products, red meat, only a tiny bit of organic eggs and chicken, and tons of fruit vege and whole grains and good oils. Drunk 2-3 litres of bottled water a day and had 30-40mns of brisk walking.

I have sailed through this TAX with only a bit of joint paid - after hot showers. I have walked every day and have had NO time in bed (except of course at night!). Most importantly no tears or depression/melancholy and I feel like 'me' again. Happy and enthusiastic about life.

Diet is largely ignored unless you go on the internet and look about, yet the difference even two weeks has made to me is life changingly incredible.

My new regime was triggered by a link on this site to a wonderful website http://www.canceractive.com/

It is hard work and at times very boring, I am day 9 of my second tax and have treated my self to small amounts of some processed foods like hummus, organic dark choc and a couple of biscuits in the last few days.

My diet went a bit like

porridge made with half water half soya milk for breakfast
Smoothie mid-morning (mad with soya milk)
Omelette with loads of veg and salad for lunch
brown rice and steamed vege for dinner

soups made with lots of spices - no salt/stock.
stirfrys made with no soy sauce, just lots of fresh ginger and spice for flavour

Salt is very difficult to avoid and I did have a few wholemeal pittas (with no e-numbers) for extra carbs. Bread is not good as commercial bread is loaded with e-numbers.

I hope this helps. It is hard work but worth it!


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Re: Second tax this week!

Hello Ladies

Hang on in there I finished my last one three weeks this coming wednesday,

I too was sick of it, i really considered not having the last one, but I am now so glad I did, you will feel such a weight lifting once you finish your last cycle. I had 3 FEC and 3 TAXOL,

Good luck and be strong not long now !!

Ann x

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Re: Second tax this week!

Hi, Margit from Australia. Just found this site and it looks fabulous. Have finished my third FEC last Thursday 4th Mar and start my first Tax on 25th. Last FEC was definitely the worst. I have been told some people find the Tax worse and others easier? Any comments?
Cheers Margit

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Re: Second tax this week!

Hi Naz,
Im on 5 out of 6 taxotere, due my last one this Thursday and these past few days have been dragging, I just want Thursday to come so I can have it! Am seeing the Onc tomorrow to discuss rads and returning to work.
Youll be two thirds of the way through on Thursday ..... there is light at the end of that tunnel!


Second tax this week!

Hi all
Got my second taxotere this week, one more to go after that and i cannot wait for it to all be over!
Once again, i don't want to go on Thursday,but know I have to..grrhhhh!
Anyone else nearing the end of their chemo and getting impatient with it all now?

Naz x