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Secondary breast cancer- first diagnosis

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Re: Secondary breast cancer- first diagnosis

Hi sorry you have had such difficult news. if you re post your questions in the I have secondary cancer section if the website I think you will get a lot if helpful responses form ladies in similar positions.All the best with your treatment . Jill.

Secondary breast cancer- first diagnosis

Hi, New to this forum.

I have two tumours, 1 is grade 2, the other grade 3. Spread to nodes -axillary and chest, rib on opposite side of chest to the tumours, and two areas of the spine. CT is very suggestive of widespread small Mets in both lungs too. I am ER+, and have been given Tamoxifen to take. Results for HER2 are still awaited.

Waiting for appointment for bone scan and MRI of spine.

Been given leaflets for Zoladex and Danosumab, as they are wanting me to have these. (I am not keen on the sound of Danosumab- the risks, don't feel I understand why I need it).

Since having the biopsies (7 on the same day!) I have not felt right. My glands swelled up on opposite side of neck and armpit and had a temperature all weekend. Glands in groin feel tender now too.

Kind of not looking past Christmas, as don't want to get my hopes up for anything. Everything changes with each new appointment!

Just wondering if others have been in similar position and just knocking off the ovaries/oestrogen at the start?

Also anyone had the Danosumab and can give some insight into it? I don't know who to ring at hospital to ask and next appointment is on 11Sept. I'm worried they hope to start me on Zoladex and Danosumab when I go back!

Scary thing not knowing how long I have to be able to function normally, before I'm totally unwell and dependant!

Thank you for reading. Hugs to everyone xx