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Secondary treatment starting february


Re: Secondary treatment starting february

my diagnosis of lung mets was last July and I am on my 10th cyle of capecitabine and herceptin. I am awaiting my 2nd scan results previous one showed stable no growth which is what I am told is the expectation NOT for it to be reduced . Its all about managing the condition to buy us precious time to enjoy life andd there are so many on these chats that are 5 and 10 years on in trreatment which give me great hope. Good luck and welcome to the secondaries club


Re: Secondary treatment starting february

Hi Ji11981 I was diagnosed with bone mets just before Christmas and started treatment in January. Happy to have a treatment buddy if our dx is similar.

I was dx with primary in September 2014 had mx chemo rads. Thought it was all done and dusted. Then after a DIEP reconstruction in September 2017 my onc spotted something suspicious on a ct scan I had because of breathing trouble. Lungs were clear but I have bone mets in spine, pubic bone and sacrum.

I started on letrazole, ibrance, zoladex and zometa in January. Next treatment (zometa and zoladex) on Monday 5th march.

Hope you find the right thread and support you need. Now treatment is underway I find I can just get on with life as normal. Xx
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Re: Secondary treatment starting february

I agree with Bon, if we know a bit more about where your mets are and your proposed treatment plan someone with that experience will be able to help you or point you to the right thread.  The forum is quite difficult to navigate until you know what you're looking for. A quick 'search' often brings up old threads as it just picks out particular words.  If you go from the front page of the Forum to the 'Living with Secondary BC' box you then get to the secondaries part of the forum.  This is then split into several sections: Treatments and medical Issues, Living with Secondary BC (confusingly the same title as the main section!), Meet Ups, Inspiring News and Stories and End of Life.  The first two sections are where most of us post our day to day support/questions/answers and, often, bits of news.  You may find a thread already exisits regarding your particular treatment/diagnosis or you can post on some of the more visited threads such as 'Bone Mets please join in' which currently has over 17,000 posts and is active right now (its in the living with secondary BC section).  A lot, if not all, of us mets ladies post there whether we have bone mets and/or other mets. More specific threads will often get replies from ladies with that specific experience, rather than the whole community.  Give us a try, we are all here for support and understanding and we help where we feel we can.

Nicky x


Re: Secondary treatment starting february

Hi Jj

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having to join us. Tell us a bit more about your diagnosis and proposed treatment and maybe we can point you in the right direction for support.

Hugs Bon xx


Secondary treatment starting february

Im finding it difficult to find threads on secondaries that are up to date. I found this group very useful during primary treatment but now struggling to find suuport. Anyone recently been diagnosed with mets and starting treatment in february would like to support and share worries