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Sensibly priced P S swimwear found!


Re: Sensibly priced P S swimwear found!

I find Matalan are great for soft moulded cup everyday bras, the ones that give a nice shape with t-shirts. They do one that has no underwires, great for me as anything wired irritates my lumpectomy scar by digging in or rubbing. They also do good supportive bras that don't look like Pirelli industrial elastic. I buy a lot of bras so I want ones that don't cost loads of money. I've got into the habit of ordering online, the if things don't suit you have 30 days to return them to your nearest branch - you often find things online that aren't stocked in your store, so worth a look.

As you can gather I'm a real Matalan gal lol! Used to be into all sorts of expensive stuff like Jaeger and Windsmoor when I worked in London. However, now I live in a backwater, work from home and wear jeans and tops most days. Thing is, you can take budget buys and mix them up with anything decent you might have.


Re: Sensibly priced P S swimwear found!

Thanks EB, Tra also advised that they do post surgery bras, I was going to go this weekend but the weather was horrid, will def go there next week!



Sensibly priced P S swimwear found!


Just to say after looking around Matalan today that they have a post surgery swimsuit for £14. Okay, maybe not for everyone in black with a white trim, but better priced that most specialist companies.