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Shoulder Blade Pain after rads


Re: Shoulder Blade Pain after rads

Hi HelenRose,
Yes, me too. I had a pain in my upper back just below/at base of my shoulder blade on side of op/radio. It started after bad bruising following biopsy, faded a bit, came back really badly after op, eventually went then back again part way through radio. GP initially reckoned muscle pain from holding myself slightly oddly, but then decided nerve pain. Muscle pain - neurofen or cocodamol should help, nerve pain - amytriptyline helped (only it also makes you v sleepy for about 12 hours).
I'm now doing very gentle back exercises and yoga to try to get back to normal.
Also awaiting shell/partial prosthesis (finished radio a few weeks ago) and it has been suggested that being lopsided and currently (until prosthesis arrives) unable to fit into a reasonably supporting bra for larger side this could be contributing to back ache.
Hope something in the above helps...suggest you visit your GP if normal painkillers don't zap it.

Shoulder Blade Pain after rads

Hi Im On day 10 of 15 of rads but started getting bad pain afterwards in my shoulder blade behind my boob - has anyone else had this ? No rash on skin just pain inside ? Cheers xx