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Shrunken Boob


Re: Shrunken Boob

Hi there

I had a lumpectomy back in January and at the same time had a reduction and lift on the good side, I have been amazed at how good it looks and so pleased my surgeon offered me this surgery.

Good luck xx


Re: Shrunken Boob

I came home on a week today ago, the swelling is gradually going down, and I would say I am a D in my good one and almost a B in the bad one after having Lumpectomy and (hopefully) Clear margin. My partner says if you didn't know you wouldn't notice.... the fact that everyone now knows does that mean they will notice?? Once I have healed though, I will continue to wear normal bras but full the smaller side with a chicken filet for when I wear tighter tops. I have to say he did a very good job of the surgery despite the size, and I still have that all important cleavage!!! Due to my age I have thought about having the other one reduced to match as he did such a good job, but I hate operations and its not like I go topless... so I think personally I would rather have a fillet!


Re: Shrunken Boob

Hi Anita
I'm feeling the same as you about the difference in size,ive had lumpectomy then wle ( no clear margin ) 3 fec 3 tax, 25 rads and 18 herceptin last one xmas eve i see breast surgeon in dec so i think i will ask what can be done, mine too is noticable depending on what i wear, i also have lymphoedema so have to watch the sleeves as well so shopping is depressing!!! hope we hear from any ladies who have had the reduction and uplift
Love Mizzy xx


Shrunken Boob

Hi All

I am now 7 weeks post radiotherapy after having lumpectomy and node removal, 6 chemo (3 fec and 3 tax), 15 sessions of radio and 5 boosters. I am triple negative too.

I have coped very well with it all but have noticed that my boob is considerably smaller that my 'normal' one. I have seen my Oncolgist today who said that it is normal for it to shrink and that I could have a reduction and uplift on the other side.

Whilst it is not bothering me at this stage I just wondered if there is any ladies out there experiencing the same and if they have had work done on the normal boob? By the way I am an F cup normally and would imagine now that the bc side is a D or DD. It is noticeable if I wear fitted tops.