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Signing off


Re: Signing off

Just seen your post and want to wish you all the best. You might be near;ly finished your radiotherapy now so hope all has gone well.

These forums really are a great support, although we don't often get to meet our "friends" we know they are there to offer comfort and support. I am lucky as when I had BC in 2009 I met a group of ladies BCC who live nearby and we started to meet up then transferred to Facebook. We are meeting for dinner on the 17th Feb. They have been a great support with my recurrence.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Marli xx


Signing off

My four doses of chotherapy are done and I have just one more cycle of injections to get through (not sure which is worse, the nausea from the chemo or the back pain from the injections) but hoping to feel on the up for Christmas before starting four weeks of radiotherapy with a two hour journey each way to get through. Just wanted to say that I I'll be thinking of you all and hoping that we all get to the other end of this journey in our own time.
Thank you for the support I've gained from reading your posts, just let me know when the posse is due to depart and I'll be right with you.