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Sleepless in Norwich :o(

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Re: Sleepless in Norwich :o(

Hi Daysee,

Just echoing what the others have said. You can't be sacked for this. You will get sick pay and there are other benefits that you may be entitled to and also Macmillan give grants to people who are really struggling. Besides, once you get your head around the diagnosis you will be able to work. Most ladies manage 2 out of the 3 weeks on chemi and you can work everyday on radiotherapy. I met one lady who worked everyday through chemo and has 2 children under 6 too!!

I was diagnosed in May and have just finished my chemo and have my surgery next week. I have/had 3 lumps behind the nipple - the largest being just under 9cm. These have shrunk now. Mine also seemed to have come from nowhere. My breast suddenly swelled up and went red with shooting pains. I was dismissed for a couple of months with antibiotics as they though it was just an infection.

I was terrified about chemo and thought i was going to be really, really ill, but sailed through it. Some ladies do suffer some side effects, but the doctors aim to keep us side effect free, so if you suffer from heartburn after one session, for example, tell your oncologist or GP and they'll prescribe you something so you don't suffer the next time.

So sorry you have had to join us, but hopefully you will find this forum supportive and helpful.



Re: Sleepless in Norwich :o(

Hi Daysie

As RevCat explains, you are now covered by the Equality Act and have rights during employment. Here's the link to our factsheet:


There is also a factsheet specifically for employers, which they may be interested in:


Best wishes



Re: Sleepless in Norwich :o(

Hi Daysie,
I commented on your other thread - just to say my tumour was also big and located in the area behind the nipple; it too seemed to come from nowhere. I am just over a year post diagnosis, have done the neoadjuvant chemo, surgery and radiation and am now well. (If you click my name it will show my profile where the deatials a re listed)

Please be reassured that your boss cannot sack you! Having cancer brings you under the legislation that protects the rights of disabled people. They have to make 'reasonable adjustments' for you which includes time to go for treatment/tests. On the main website there's a leaflet that explains this.

You don't mention if you live alone or with a partner; but just to note I and many others on here do live alone and have coped fine with this kind of treamtent - yes we had to get bits of help here and there, but we retained our independence.

It is a horrid place where you are just now - I remember it all too well - but once things get started it will feel less awful and you will find you regain some control.

Take care, and a big cyber hug


Re: Sleepless in Norwich :o(

Hi Daysie

So sorry you have to be on here along with the rest of us, it's rubbish isn't it? I joined about 2 weeks ago, and am in a very similar situation as you, having the neo-adjuvant chemo, which (I was told yesterday) will start next Wednesday. I am running around like a headless chicken.

However you haven't had the results from the SLNB yet and so take heart - there may not be any spread to the lymph at all. I think they tend to give the worst case scenario, so you prepare for the worst. Your treatment plan won't be defined for sure until you've seen the oncologist. The SLNB is not too bad - drink loads of water after to flush the dye out of your system and you'll be fine. I had mine done 2 weeks ago and now I just get the odd twinge.

Keep posting on here, and of course pm me if you like. I'd be only to happy to chat some more, I'm only a couple of weeks ahead of you down the path.

I don't know much about employment law, but I'm pretty sure you can't get sacked for having breast cancer so try not to worry too much, and get onto the benefits advice lines as soon as you can.



Re: Sleepless in Norwich :o(

Good morning Daysie so sorry you have had to joinus all here on the BCC Forums. You will be amazed by the friedly support you will get from people who do know what you are going through. Many will have had neo adjuvant chemo to shrink the lump which is a gold standard treatment. I am so sorry you friend who is a midwife has put doubts in your mind, not helpful. Lumps can suddenly apoear, even if you have not felt them before.
It is not just the biopsy they take into consideration, it is the physical examination and imaging as well. You case will also be examined at a multidiciplinary team meating in order to make the best treatment plan for you and you alone.
If you ring the Helpline they will be so happy to talk, support and advise you. I have always called when I am unsure about anything and they have researched the latest research based papers for me, if the persone who takes your call doesn't know the answer, they will find somebody that does and ring you back. They can also send you lots of researched information re treatment and their new patient packs. The number is 0808 800 6000. They are open monday to friday from 9-5 and Saturdays from 9-2. It is usualy better to ring I find early on . Not so many people awake like you have been this morning!
I am sure others who had work problems will step in to help. You have to go into this properly. I think I saw BCC was working on this. The Helpline will help with booklets on your rights and benefits.

That was the boring part. You need a lot of hugs and positive real life contacts who will be falling over themselves to help today. It is devastating and does change the way you look at things. You have a lot to go through but you will get there and no doubt will be posting to others to help them in a few months.

All my thought are with you


Re: Sleepless in Norwich :o(

Good morning,

what an awful shock, You must feel as if you have been hit by a truck.You have so much here to sort out and contend with.

First of all your work, I think and I could be wrong, that once you are diagnosed with breast cancer you are classified as disabled and have all sort of rights at work. there must be a publication on here about it, or it would be good if you can ring the helpline before you go in to work. Someone on here will know.

second there is also help and advice on financial matters available, again ask the helpline, or someone will be along soon to point you in the right direction.

Being calm and almost in denial is one of the whole range normal reactions it was how my body reacted. I have not cried once since I found my lump. At the begining I just walked around in a bubble watching myself cope with normal day to day things. It was surreal.

As to the treatment, you will find lots of people along soon who have a similar plan, or people who have gone through the same thing. Everybody says the same, once you have your treatment plan in place it all gets better. Its not pleasant and there are some realy bad days, but its doable.

Why dont you join the thread Starting chemo in October and exchange problems with people on the same step of the treatment.

No matter how much support you have from friends and family non of them will really understand what you are going through. But this community does and you will get invaluable love and support from everyone here.


Sleepless in Norwich :o(

I received the news I had been dreading yesterday, the results of my biopsy have shown that I have breast cancer, it is quite large, 6-10cm in circumference, shaped like a computer mouse behind my nipple area. Next Friday I have my sentinal lymp node removed for biopsy and some blue dye injected. Then I have 6 months of chemotherapy (once every 3 weeks) to reduce the size of the tumour, the consultant said it will make it easier to operate on, after that a full mastectomy, then radiation treatment, then a reconstruction if I want one. I am in complete denial and shock, have been amazingly calm. Can't believe this is happening to me, but nothing I can do except try to be strong and go through it all. My friend, who is a midwife, said my condition doesn't sound typical BC and asked me to check that they didn't get the biopsy muddled up with somebody elses! My breast is completely swollen with lumps, which has only happened in the last 2 months, aches, throbs, stabbing pains, how could all this appear in 2 months! I don't know how I'm going to cope, I am currently off work, have a mortgage and bills to pay which is worrying me already. How on earth do I break the news to my boss today? I will probably be sacked as a liability! If anybody is facing similar circumstances, or already going through this and come out the other side successfully, I would appreciate and welcome any advice and contact.