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Small lump and some pain but Im not getting in a flap !


Re: Small lump and some pain but Im not getting in a flap !

Unfortunately, pain does not mean that it's not cancer. However, statistically the chances of it being cancer is quite low. I would tell you not to worry, but having been through it myself I know that is probably impossible. You are getting it checked out, which is the right thing to do. Try to go easy on yourself whilst you wait for your appointment, it's good that your husband knows.

Re: Small lump and some pain but Im not getting in a flap !

Hi Goldfish 214


sounds like it's probably a cyst.  But you should get it checked out just to be sure.


I have been getting cysts for over 17 years. My first one was on my breast and I freaked out big time. 

I found it in the shower, phoned the doc and demanded he see me first thing,


That one swelled up and burst but for the last six years I get them under my arms. Some swell and burst, some go away on their own.  But they do get very sore when you squeeze them and fiddle about with them.


I do have cancer, found on my first ever mammogram,  didn't have a lump, but it is in a completely different place than my cysts.


It's good that your doctor is sending you to get checked out.


take care.



Small lump and some pain but Im not getting in a flap !

The other week I was putting some washing out and I was hanging a towel up I felt like a pull in my left breast. It felt strange so I then spent the next hour fiddling about (Id come in the house wasnt doing this in the yard lol)


Then I felt a small thing that felt like a pea about 1" from my armpit coming around the front. The more I fiddled with it the more sore it got.


So still not in a flap I phoned the doctors there wasnt any appointments till the following week. So I explained to the girl on the phone and she said ok come at 3.20.


Went to see the doctor and she felt where the lump was and she said it felt like a cyst but she was going to send me to the local hospital for an ultasound.


Got the letters yesterday have to go 1st May. The doctor said to take painkillers for the pain which I have been doing but it only seems to help for a few hours. Now when I cross my arm across me its painful.


Ive told my husband but no one else. If its nothing ok if its something then I will cross that bridge when I come to it.


Would there be any pain if it was cancer?