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Some people wearing cancer like a badge, claims Saunders

Re: Some people wearing cancer like a badge, claims Saunders

If what Jennifer Saunders has said is correct, then i am truly shocked and suprprised at her comments!

How dare she belittle and mock what so many women have to endure with this disease, world wide!

'Pissed off when hair  grows back?' What the hell does that mean??? I was so relieved when my hair came back, even though it was awful to manage in the early months.


She also mentions a 'tit tuck' in the Times. If that is true, i am lost for words. A lumpectomy and free tit tuck..well that is a far far cry from my own definition of surgery i can tell you !


I am way too angry to write any more.. i am just hoping that she really did not say any of this stuff and the times have got it all wrong!






Some people wearing cancer like a badge, claims Saunders

Jennifer Saunders has hit out at cancer survivors who wear the disease as a badge. A quote from the article in the Irish Times says, "

Asked if she believed some people keep wearing cancer like a badge, she responded: “For ever — and iI’ give you why. “Because it is the job you don’t have to work for. “You suddenly get so much attention, and if you’re not used to that, I bet it can sway you a little bit.

“I’m used to it. My job gives me the attention I would otherwise crave. They must be so pissed off when their hair grows back. And you think, ‘Oh, come on, cancer is so common now’.”




Am disgusted by this artical and if quoted correctly, as  is also on Jennifer Saunders Facebook Fan Page  ,  It will only serve to anger and infuriate many breast cancer patients lvieing with this vile cruel disease on a daily baise, 


Am very surprised and discusted at Jennifer Saunders attitude. And have decided to make my views known  to the times .


Woman Mad