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Something or nothing?-help!


Re: Something or nothing?-help!

Hi Jenji Hows things now with your lump and fingers?? Still the same or have they settled down?? Have you had your September yearly check up yet?? Delly xx

Re: Something or nothing?-help!

Thanks Jenny


It was good to get your message...really good.  So my surgeon was concerned and thought he could feel a node and I had an ultrasound but the radiologist could not find anything suspicious.

Then he saw me again and said it must be some altered scar tissue but I was so glad I hadn't been making a fuss over nothing if he was concerned...he was kind and suggested pain relief and as I am at the yearly follow-up in September he said they would keep an eye on it.


I am exhausted because I was going afterwards to babysit for my daughter and have just got home.

Rest day tomorrow I think.

Thanks for the huggles

Take care





Re: Something or nothing?-help!

Hello Jenji,  Just want to say, hang in there, its only 2 more sleeps till Thursday. It is a horrible time waiting and not knowing and fearing the worst. But you say your prognosis is good, so hold onto that thought. I felt similarly worried back in march,  when my back was  painful (still is)  and my GP got me in for an MRI  quickly, I think because of all that we have been through it is only natural that we get  more anxious.

So i will be thinking of you,  let us know how you get on.

Meanwhile sending a big bundle of warm Huggles.


Something or nothing?-help!

Well, I went to see my GP yesterday because I had felt a pain under my arm for a bit...same side as mx 2 years ago.  I did not have any other treatment and no lymphodema or anything like that.  But there is a small painful lump there or is it the scar tissue coming back to life?  Also, strangely my little finger and ring finger on that side are painful...or is it because I type on the computer...but I have done that for years...  I yearn to make this diagnosis for myself!


Long story short.  I have appointment for One-stop clinic with my surgeon on Thursday-his secretary said then I could have imaging/ultrasound if necessary.


Of course it could just be this cording thing or nothing or what else!  I have really good prognosis.

Anyone else have any comforting suggestions please?  My mind is spinning.