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Sore upper arm and underarm after SNB


Re: Sore upper arm and underarm after SNB

It's 6 weeks now since my op which included ANC. The numbness after surgery is probably permanent, or at least lasts a long time as it it usually because nerves have been cut. Sometimes they grow back but nerves grow very slowly so it can take a long time. The tingling/ hypersensitivity/awareness of numbness goes away much quicker, as the body gets used to the way it is and stops trying to tell you. I found the tingling/hypersensitivity really bothersome initially but it is much easier now, still there a little bit but much less than it was. If it continues to be a problem drugs like amitryptiline and gabapentin can help.
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Re: Sore upper arm and underarm after SNB

Don't want to disallusion you, but sometimes this pain never goes away, far less after 2 weeks. Everyone is different though, I had WLE and ANC over 2 years ago now and still have to feel under my arm to see if it is dry after a shower or putting deoderant on! There can be so many nerve endings that have been tampered with, that it is inevitable that it won't go back to what it was like before. Tablets like Tramadol and Amytryptiline do help nerve pain, but can be addictive, so use sparingly. Have since had an LD flap, and Mx and the pain of the first op, seems to simple in comparision. The scars from that have gone though., so once wounds heal, put bio oil on, and also massage that in to the affected area as it really does help. A hot water bottle, or a wheat/lavender reheatable pillow works wonders too. Also if you are busy throughout the day you don't notice it so much, and keep doing the exercises that the hospital gave you as they can help too.

Good luck

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Re: Sore upper arm and underarm after SNB

Hi Blue23


While you are waiting for other members to respond to your post I thought out booklet "Your operation and recovery" might be of some help.  I've attached a link:




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Sore upper arm and underarm after SNB

Hi everyone,

Am nearly 2 weeks post WLE and SNB. They took 4 nodes away but since the op my upper arm feels as if it's sunburnt and is sore to touch as is under the arm . The wounds are still sore but that's expected and there is no redness but still some swelling around wounds . Has anyone else experienced this, I assume it's nerve type pain but it doesn't seem to be getting any better, any tips welcome please  ?