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Spots & scabs

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Re: Spots & scabs

Hi Robyn, sounds unpleasant, and I'm not surprised you are a bit worried . If you were my daughter I would have you back at the doctors double quick. No need to suffer if you can get help. There are lots of meds out there fir excema , it's just getting the right one for you. X

Re: Spots & scabs

Hi Robyn,


It's great that you went to the doctors when you spotted something was not quite right. It sucks that nothing prescribed to you hasn't worked. I think the additional symptoms you described deserve another trip to the doctors. Or perhaps you can get the Breast CancerCare nurse to get in contact you?


All the best!


RHud x

Re: Spots & scabs

Hi Robyn


This sounds like one of our nurses would be best placed to answer you.  Would you like one of them to reply on this thread or would you prefer to post your question on our Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum?


Alternatively please do call our free Helpline. 0808 800 6000.


Best wishes
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Spots & scabs

Hi all,
I’m 18 years old. I’ve had a scabby, discharging, itchy nipple for about 10 months now, which was diagnosed as eczema at first. None of the 5 creams given to me have worked so far, so I’ve been back to the doctors about two weeks ago with a referral to the breast clinic (who still haven’t got back to me). My breast has now started to get red spots all over, & my nipple is more ulcerated than ever. Should I take another trip back to the doctors as I have no idea what this could be?